History and Biography: Essays in Honour of Derek Beales

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This is a collection of biographical essays by twelve eminent historians.


Introduction T. C. W. Blanning and David Cannadine; 1. Baron Bartenstein on Count Haugwitz's 'new system' of government P. G. M. Dickson; 2. The rise of the first minister in eighteenth-century Europe H. M. Scott; 3. An old but new biography of Leopold II T. C. W. Blanning; 4. John Marsh's History of My Private Life 1752-1828 John Brewer; 5. The gallows and Mr Peel Boyd Hilton; 6. Szechenyi and Austria R. J. W. Evans; 7. Past and future in the later career of Lord John Russell J. P. Parry; 8. Documentary falsification and Italian biography Denis Mack Smith; 9. Kaiser Wilhelm II and the British monarchy David Cannadine; 10. The historical Keynes and the history of Keynesianism Peter Clarke; 11. Bastianini and the weakening of the Fascist will to fight the Second World War Owen Chadwick; 12. The New Deal without FDR: what biographies of Roosevelt cannot tell us Tony Badger; History and biography: an inaugural lecture Derek Beales; Derek Beales: a chronological list of publications.


'All those who have had the pleasure of being taught by or worked with Professor Derek Beales will appreciate this collection of essays ... it is no surprise, given the reputation of the contributors, that the essays are of a consistently high standard, and at least one piece ... is quite outstanding.' Modern Italy
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