Higher Order Logic Theorem Proving and Its Applications

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August 1995



This book constitutes the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Higher Order Logic Theorem Proving and Its Applications, held in Aspen Grove, Utah, USA in September 1995.The 26 papers selected by the program committee for inclusion in this volume document the advances in the field achieved since the predecessor conference. The papers presented fall into three general categories: representation of formalisms in higher order logic; applications of mechanized higher order logic; and enhancements to the HOL and other theorem proving systems.


Mechanizing a ?-calculus equivalence in HOL.- Non-primitive recursive function definitions.- Experiments with ZF set theory in HOL and Isabelle.- Automatically synthesized term denotation predicates: A proof aid.- On the refinement of symmetric memory protocols.- Combining decision procedures in the HOL system.- Deciding cryptographic protocol adequacy with HOL.- A practical method for reasoning about distributed systems in a theorem prover.- A theory of finite maps.- Virtual theories.- An automata theory dedicated towards formal circuit synthesis.- Interfacing HOL90 with a functional database query language.- Floating point verification in HOL.- Inductive definitions: Automation and application.- A formulation of TLA in Isabelle.- Formal verification of serial pipeline multipliers.- TkWinHOL: A tool for Window Inference in HOL.- Formal verification of counterflow pipeline architecture.- Deep embedding VHDL.- HOLCF: Higher order logic of computable functions.- A mechanized logic for secure key escrow protocol verification.- A new interface for HOL - Ideas, issues and implementation.- Very efficient conversions.- Recording and checking HOL proofs.- Formalization of planar graphs.- A hierarchical method for reasoning about distributed programming languages.
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