Higher Education, Research, and Knowledge in the Asia Pacific Region

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Juni 2007



One of the first books to focus on different national perspectives of knowledge production and research in higher education in the Asia-Pacific region, it compares, contrasts, and critically analyzes how policy in Asia-Pacific countries is furthering a supportive (or non-supportive) environment for the promotion of research within higher education.


A.Arimoto Introduction and Overview;
V.L.Meek &
C.Suwanwela Modernisation, Development Strategies, and Knowledge Production in the Asia-Pacific Region;
W.K. Cummings Key Research Policy Issues and the Changing Role of the State in the Asia-Pacific Region;
G.Harman Impact of Policy Development on Higher Education Research in Australia;
V.L.Meek Policy Debate on Research in Chinese Universities;
W.Yu Between the Public and Private: the Indian Academic in Transition;
K.Chanana Development and Impact of State policies on Higher Education Research in Indonesia;
J.Koswara &
M.K.Tadjudin National Scientific Policy and Higher Education Reforms in Japan;
A. Arimoto Research and Indigenous Knowledge in Oceania;
K. Helu-Thaman Higher Education Research in the Philippines: Policies, Practices and Problems: R.M.Salazar-Clemena Higher Education Reform in Thailand;
C. Suwanwela Conclusion: Trends, Issues and Future Directions;
V. L.Meek


V.LYNN MEEK is Professor and Director of the Centre for Higher Education Management and Policy, University of New England, Australia. CHARAS SUWANWELA formerly Rector and member of the University Council, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.


"This is an excellent and timely book showing how universities in Asia and the Pacific respond in their research activities to new challenges. The thorough comparisons of Japan and Australia with China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries clearly show that the authors succeed in addressing common challenges for universities. The book demonstrates that governmental research and development policies play an enormously strong role in guiding universities in improving their research activities." Ulrich Teichler, Professor, the International Centre for Higher Education Research, Kassel
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