Haptic and Audio Interaction Design

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September 2009



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design, HAID 2009 held in Dresden, Germany in September 2009. The 17 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers are organized in topical sections on haptic communication and perception, navigation and guidance, visual impairment, vibrotactile feedback and music, multimodal user interfaces: design and evaluation, and multimodal gaming.


Haptic Communication and Perception.
Communicative Functions of Haptic Feedback.
Target Acquisition with Force Feedback: The Effect of Different Forces on the User's Performance.
Navigation and Guidance.
Evaluating Factors that Influence Path Tracing with Passive Haptic Guidance.
Haptic Interaction Techniques for Exploring Chart Data.
Audio Bubbles: Employing Non-speech Audio to Support Tourist Wayfinding.
Interactive Sonification of Curve Shape and Curvature Data.
Visual Impairment.
Accessing Audiotactile Images with HFVE Silooet.
Configurable Design of Multimodal Non Visual Interfaces for 3D VE's.
Tactile Paper Prototyping with Blind Subjects.
Vibrotactile Feedback and Music.
The Carillon and Its Haptic Signature: Modeling the Changing Force-Feedback Constraints of a Musical Instrument for Haptic Display.
Augmented Haptics - An Interactive Feedback System for Musicians.
Interaction Design: The Mobile Percussionist.
Vibratory and Acoustical Factors in Multimodal Reproduction of Concert DVDs.
Multimodal User Interfaces: Design and Evaluation.
The Effect of Multimodal Feedback Presented via a Touch Screen on the Performance of Older Adults.
Audiotactile Feedback Design for Touch Screens.
Multimodal Gaming.
Evaluation of User's Physical Experience in Full Body Interactive Games.
A Tangible Game as Distributable Platform for Psychophysical Examination.
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