Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders, Second Edition

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April 1997



In this seminal work, leading clinicians and researchers present the major treatments for eating disorders, including cognitive-behavioral, educational, psychodynamic, feminist, family-based, and medical approaches.


Part 1 The context for treatment: anorexia nervosa - historical perspective on treatment, Silverman; the history of bulimia nervosa, Russell; diagnostic issues, Walsh and Garner; assessment, Crowther and Sherwood; sequencing and integration of treatments, Garner and Needleman. Part 2 Cognitive-behavioural and educational approaches: cognitive-behavioural therapy for bulimia nervosa, Wilson et al; cognitive-behavioural therapy for anorexia nervosa, Garner et al; psychoeducational principles in treatment, Garner; nutritional counselling and supervised exercise, Beumont et al; cognitive-behavioural body image therapy, Rosen. Part 3 Psychodynamic, feminist and family approaches: eating disorders - a self- psychological perspective, Goodsitt; consultation and therapeutic engagement in severe anorexia nervosa, Strober; anorexia nervosa as flight from growth, Crisp; interpersonal psychotherapy for bulimia nervosa, Fairburn; the aetiology and treatment of body image disturbance, Kearney-Cooke and Striegel-Moore; family therapy for anorexia nervosa, Dare and Eisler. Part 4 Hospital and drug treatments: in-patient treatment of anorexia nervosa, Andersen et al; partial hospitalization, Kaplan and Olmsted; behavioural treatment to promote weight gain in anorexia nervosa, Touyz and Beumont; drug therapies, Garfinkel and Walsh. Part 5 Special topics in treatment: managing medical complications, Mitchell et al; sexual abuse and other forms of trauma, Fallon and Wonderlich; management of substance abuse and dependence, Mitchell et al; management of patients with comorbid medical conditions, Powers; treatment of patients with personality disorders, Dennis and Sansone; addressing treatment refusal in anorexia nervosa, Goldner et al; group psychotherapy, Polivy and Federoff; prepubertal eating disorders, Lask and Bryant-Waugh; adapting treatment for patients with binge-eating disorder, Marcus; self-help and guided self-help for binge-eating problems, Fairburn and Carter.


David M. Garner, Ph.D., is the Director of the Toledo Center for Eating Disorders, a Staff Member of the Toledo Hospital, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University and Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Toledo. He is a Founding Member of the Academy for Eating Disorders, a scientific consultant for the National Screening Program for Eating Disorders, and a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders. Paul E. Garfinkel, M.D., is Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and the President and Psychiatrist-in-Chief of the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. He has been a consultant to the National Institute of Mental Health, the Medical Research Council of Canada and an examiner for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and has been elected to the Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada.


"The book edited by these authors in 1985 on the treatment of eating disorders was the standard at that time. This new volume, which has contributions by the leading authorities in each field, is a worthy successor. It is an important new reference and is likely to be the new standard for the field of eating disorders." --Walter H. Kaye, MD, Director, Eating Disorder Program, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh
"Written by an internationally renowned group of experts, this state-of-the-art compendium is an essential companion for clinicians working with eating disorders." --David B. Herzog, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital Research
""The Handbook of Treatments for Eating Disorders" is a stunning achievement. The editors have assembled a group of the world's leading authorities to provide us with a volume that simultaneously presents the broadest range of contemporary biological, psychological, and social perspectives for understanding and dealing with these complex disorders, and with the depth and sophistication that each subject deserves. Novices and experienced practitioners alike will find a great deal to value and re-read. In these pages you will find considerable scholarship, wisdom and experience, and a great deal of down-to-earth practical advice and information on assessment and treatment. Several of the chapters are virtual treatment manuals, offering detailed, step-by-step guidance for practitioners.
All mental health professionals will be well served by studying these chapters. Not only will this information provide substantial benefits in helping patients with eating disorders, but readers can expect that the positive carryover of these lessons to almost all other areas of clinical concern will be enormous." --Joel Yager, MD, Professor and Vice Chair for Education, University of New Mexico School of Medicine; Professor Emeritus, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute; President-Elect, Academy for Eating Disorders; Editor-i
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