Handbook of Transport Geography and Spatial Systems

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September 2004



Transport systems, the vital arteries of modern societies and economies, shape our world and are shaped by it. This volume talks about the dynamic interactions between transport and the physical, economic, and human geographies it weaves through. It also discusses how to obtain appropriate data and model these transport-geographic phenomena.


Transport and Spatial Form; Land-use/transportation Modelling; Data; GIS and GIS Applications; GPS and GPS Applications; Spatial Cognition; GeoSimulation; Networks; Time Use


"Spatial systems and transportation are creatively linked and reviewed in this new handbook covering classical and frontier topics ... The editors and authors have done a great service in delivering a major resource for the transportation, planning and geographical disciplines." William L. Garrison, University of California, Berkeley, USA. "The volume edited by Kingsley Haynes and by Peter Stopher together with the series editors, Ken Button and David Hensher gathers many prominent experts in transport geography and spatial systems. From my perspective as a transportation geographer, I am especially pleased to see the inclusion of chapters by such influential geographers as Susan Hanson, William Black, and Harvey Miller. I also applaud the inclusion of cross-cutting topics such as edge cities, space-time processes, hub networks, network equilibration, and environmental justice. This is a timely and important edited collection." Morton O'Kelly, Professor and Chair, Department of Geography, The Ohio State University. qu:"Edited by several leading figures and with contributions from a group of experts in the field, this handbook is a superb and most up-to-date source in transport geography and spatial system. It will serve as an authoritative reference for educators, researchers, planners, practitioners, and students for many years to come." Benjamin Zhan, Texas State University, USA. "Edited as number 5 in a series of outstanding contributions to the science of transport, logistics and geography, this latest volume follows its well known predecessors and will take an important position in our discipline for the foreseeable future. ... a sound interpretation of issues that may look familiar, yet the papers are presented in a fresh manner and thus may foster new insights ... an excellent overview over a field of research that has seen tremendous progress over the last decade ... particular benefits ... chapters deliver maximum output in minimum length ... accurate presentation ... informative sections ... original papers ... like [the other volumes in the series], the handbook will become a standard contribution to the advanced study of transportation and its environments." Markus Hesse, Freie Universitat Berlin, in Journal of Transport Geography 13(4), 2005
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