Handbook of Research in Pediatric and Clinical Child Psychology

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The professional development of researchers is critical for the future development ofthe fields of pediatric and clinical child psychology. In order to conduct research in pediatric and clinical child psychology, researchers need to work with a wide range of populations and master an increasingly wide range of skills, many of which are either not formally taught or considered in sufficient depth in clinical training. Such skills include the development of resources for research by writing grants to government agencies and foundations; skills in preparing research for publications concerning original research, review articles, or case reports; scien­ tific presentation skills; the ability to review and edit scientific manuscripts; and to implement and manage research in applied settings. Moreover, the increasing complexity of research in pediatric and clinical child psychology requires success­ ful researchers in these fields to develop their expertise with a wide range of new specialized methodologies, data analytic methods, models of data analysis, and methods of assessment. Finally, to enhance the relevance of their research to practice, researchers in pediatric and clinical child psychology need to integrate their work with clinical service delivery programs that are based on empirical research. The necessity to train researchers in pediatric and clinical child psychology in such multifaceted knowledge and skills places extraordinary burdens on profes­ sional training programs. Professional researchers in pediatric and child clinical psychology also are challenged to develop new knowledge and skills through continuing education and faculty development programs.


Section 1: Applying Conceptual Frameworks And Theories in Data Analysis.
1. A Developmental Epidemiologic Framework For Clinical Child And Pediatric Psychology Research; N.S. Ialongo, S.G. Kellam, J. Poduska.
2. Testing Theoretical Models And Frameworks in Child Health Research; T.A. Wills, S.D. Cleary.
3. Introduction to Individual Growth Curve Analysis; D.J. Francis, C. Schatschneider, C.D. Carson. Section II: Designing Research And Applying Measures And Methods.
4. Understanding And Managing Sampling Issues in Research With Children; D. Drotar, K.A. Riekert.
5. Strategies For Measurement And Psychological Assessment; J.C. Overholser, A. Spirito, J.M. DiFilippo.
6. Improving Assessment in Child Clinical And Pediatric Psychology: Establishing Links to Process And Functional Outcomes; A.L. Quittner.
7. Qualitative Methods in Clinical Psychology; G.L. Krahn, D.E. Eisert.
8. Understanding Cultural And Ethnic Influences in Research With Child Clinical And Pediatric Psychology Populations; N. Walders, D. Drotar. Section III: Securing Resources For Research.
9. Writing Research Proposals For Foundations; D. Drotar.
10. Preparing Grants to Secure Research Funding From Government Agencies; D. Drotar. Section IV: Managing And Implementing Research With Pediatric And Child Clinical Populations.
11. Managing Research in Pediatric And Child Clinical Psychology; D. Drotar.
12. Conducting Research With Children And Adolescents in Clinical And Applied Settings: Practical Lessons From The Field; D. Drotar, J. Timmons-Milchell, L.L. Williams, T.M. Palermo, R. Levi, J.R. Robinson, K.A. Riekert, N. Walders.
13. Multi-Institutional And Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration, Strategies, and Lessons From Cooperative Trials; F.D. Armstrong, D. Drotar.
14. Ethical Issues in Conducting Research with Pediatric And Clinical Child Populations in Applied Settings; D. Drotar, J.C. Overholser, R. Levi, N. Walders, J.R. Robinson, T.M. Palermo, K.A. Riekert. Section V: Disseminating Research Findings.
15. Presenting Scientific Data; D. Drotar.
16. Writing Research Articles For Publication; D. Drotar.
17. Writing Research Reviews; D. Drotar.
18. How to Evaluate a Meta-Analysis; J.A. Durlak.
19. Reviewing And Editing Manuscripts For Scientific Journals; D. Drotar. Section VI: Developing Strategies to Integrate Research And Practice.
20. Case Studies And Case Series; T.R. Linscheid.
21. Conducting Randomized Treatment Studies in Real World Settings; S.W Henggeler, J. Randall.
22. Evaluating Mental Health Services For Children And Adolescents; S.M. Douglas Kelley, C.T Nixon, L. Bickman.
23. The Integration of Basic Research, Treatment Research And Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology; R.L. Blount, V.L. Bunke, J.F. Zaff.
24. Integrating Psychosocial Research And Practice in a Pediatric Hospital; A.E. Kazak, A.T. Meadows. Section VII: Integrating Research and Policy.
25. Use of Research in Mental Health Practice and Policy; K. Wells.
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