Handbook of Homework Assignments in Psychotherapy: Research, Practice, and Prevention

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August 2006



This handbook is the first resource for the practicing clinician that addresses the role of homework - patients' between-session activities - across major therapeutic paradigms and complex clinical problems. The book opens with a series of practice-orientated chapters on the role of homework in different psychotherapies. A wide range of psychotherapy approaches are covered, each illustrated with clinical examples. The book includes valuable coverage of complex and chronic disorders. Novice and seasoned psychotherapists from all training backgrounds will find useful ideas in this volume.


Brief behavioral marital therapy.
and Historical Overview.
Psychotherapy Approaches.
Behavior Therapy.
Client-Centered Therapy.
Cognitive Therapy.
Emotion-Focused Experiential Therapy.
Interpersonal Psychotherapy.
Psychodynamic Therapy.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Brief Strategic Family Therapy.
Personal Construct Therapy.
Client Populations.
Older Adults.
Specific Problems.
Borderline Personality Disorder.
Chronic Depression.
Chronic Pain.
Eating Disorders.
Low Self-Esteem.
Obsessions and Compulsions.
Sexual Dysfunction.
Substance Abuse.
Traumatic Brain Injury.
Directions for Research, Practice, and Prevention.
Directions for Research on Homework.
Directions for the Intergration of Homework In practice.
Directions for Homework in Psychotherapy Prevention.


Nikolaos Kazantzis, Ph.D., is faculty member at the School of Psychology, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. He has published widely on the topic of homework assignments in psychotherapy, including serving as a Guest Editor for special issues on this topic in the journals IN SESSION: Journal of Clinical Psychology (2002), Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (2006), and Cognitive and Behavioral Practice (2006). He has co-authored more than 40 articles and book chapters and has participated in national and international conferences related to his research interests. He is also a recipient of the Royal Society of New Zealand Science and Technology Award for Beginning Scientists, The Australian Association for Cognitive Behavior Therapy's (AACBT) Tracy Goodall Early Career Award, and Massey University's Research Medal - Early Career. Dr. Kazantzis is a licensed (registered) clinical psychologist and maintains a part-time practice in Auckland, New Zealand.
Luciano L'Abate, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Georgia State University, Georgia, Atlanta, USA where he was Director of the Family Psychology Training Program and the Family Study Center. He completed his Ph.D., at Duke University, with post-doctoral specialization at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. He worked in the Psychiatry Departments of Washington (St. Louis) and Emory (Atlanta) Universities Schools of Medicine before moving to Georgia State University, where he spent his entire academic career. He was in part-time private and consulting and clinical practice for 42 years. He has published (author, co-author, edited, and co-edited) 37 books, 3 are in press, as well as over 250 papers in scientific and professional journals.


From the reviews:
"Handbook of Homework Assignments in Psychotherapy presents multiple approaches to the integration of homework into therapy, including perspectives from nine theoretical orientations plus psychotherapy integration, as well as research and practical case examples. This inclusiveness is to be commended, as it lends to the overall strength and contributions of the work. ... solid reference work with a broad perspective on homework that will likely become an essential component in the personal libraries of clinicians from all levels of experience as well as those of researchers." (Michele A. Schottenbauer, PsycCritiques, Vol. 52 (40), 2007)
"The Handbook of Homework Assignments in Psychotherapy: Research, Practice, and Prevention ... provides readers with an extensive overview of how clinicians of various orientations integrate homework assignments into their clinical work with various popultions. ... All chapters are well-organized, succinct, and written by experts in their respective fields. This book is geared towards clinicians working with adult populations. ... This would be an excellent book for beginning clinicians or graduate students who are seeking an overview of various treatment approaches and clinical disorders." (Jeanne M. Duax, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, Vol. 37, 2007)
"The book operationally defines 'homework' in various kinds of therapy ... . is aimed at practitioners and researchers with all ranges of experience. ... Readers looking for an 'academic' perspective on homework, a comparison of different approaches to between-session work, and inspiration in working with different populations will find a great deal here. ... It really does represent a 'first to market' work that will be foundational for others interested in the theory and practise of psychotherapy homework, and certainly makes a very unique contribution." (Peter Bieling, Canadian Psychology, Vol. 49 (2), 2008)
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