Handbook of Heat Transfer

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A single reference source covering all aspects of heat transfer problem-solving in engineering. Written by the most eminent engineering authorities in the field, this authoritative and comprehensive Handbook has now been completely revised and updated to include all the latest advances in heat transfer principals with special coverage of microscale heat transfer...heat transfer in materials heat transfer augmentation techniques...thermophysical properties of new refrigerants...innovative heat exchanger methods. The staff of expert contributors covers the essential heat transfer issues involved in every industrial and environmental process, as well as in energy production and transport. Designed to be the one and only source book the engineer needs, the Handbook presents key, fundamental subjects in condensed, readable form for on-the-job use. New findings in conduction, convection, radiation, and multi-phase heat transfer are also presented. The authors have kept the discussions of theory to a minimum, focusing more on a practical, hands-on-approach, to meet the day-to-day needs of engineers, designers, and technicians. This wholly revised edition of a classic handbook reference, written by some of the most eminent practitioners in the field, is designed to be your all-in-one source book on heat transfer issues and problem-solving. It includes the latest advances in the field, as well as covering subjects from microscale heat transfer to thermophysical properties of new refrigerants. An invaluable guide to this most crucial factor in virtually every industrial and environmental process.


<H2> Contributors<H2> Preface<H3> Chapter 1-Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer<H4> Heat Transfer Mechanisms<H5> Conduction<H5> Radiation<H5> Convection<H5> Combined Heat Transfer Mechanisms<H4> Conservation Equations<H5> The Equation of Continuity<H5> The Equation of Motion (Momentum Equation)<H5> The Energy Equation<H5> The Conservation Equations for Species<H5> Use of Conservation Equations to Set Up Problems<H4> Dimensionless Groups and Similarity in Heat Transfer<H4> Units and Conversion Factors<H4> Nomenclature<H4> References<H3> Chapter 2-Thermophysical Properties<H4> Conversion Factors<H4> Thermophysical Properties of Gases<H4> Thermophysical Properties of Liquids<H4> Thermophysical Properties of Solids<H4> Thermophysical Properties of Saturated Refrigerants<H4> Acknowledgements<H4> Nomenclature<H4> References<H4> Selected Additional Sources of Thermophysical Properties<H3> Chapter 3-Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistance (Conductances)<H4> Introduction<H4> Basic Equations, Definitions, and Relationships<H5> Shape Factors<H5> Shape Factors for Ellipsoids: Integral Form for Numerical Calculations<H5> Shape Factors for Three-Dimensional Bodies in Unbounded Domains<H5> Three-Dimensional Bodies with Layers: Langmuir Method<H5> Shape Factors for Two-Dimensional Systems<H4> Transient Conduction<H5> Introduction<H5> Internal Transient Conduction<H5> Lumped Capacitance Model<H5> Heisler and Grober Charts--Single-Term Approximations<H5> Multidimensional Systems<H5> Transient One-Dimensional Conduction in Half-Spaces<H5> External Transient Conduction from Long Cylinders<H5> Transient External Conduction from Spheres<H5> Instantaneous Thermal Resistance<H5> Transient External Conduction from Isothermal Convex Bodies<H4> Spreading (Constriction) Resistance<H5> Introduction<H5> Definitions of Spreading Resistance<H5> Spreading Resistance of Isoflux Arbitrary Areas on Half-Space<H5> Circular Annular Contact Areas on Half-Space<H5> Doubly Connected Isoflux Contact Areas on Half-Space<H5> Effect of Contact Conductance on Spreading Resistance<H5> Spreading Resistance in Flux Tubes and Channels<H5> Effect of Flux Distribution on Circular Contact Area on Half-Space<H5> Simple Correlation Equations of Spreading Resistance for Circular Contact Area<H5> Accurate Correlation Equations for Various Combinations of Contact Area, Flux Tubes, and Boundary Condition<H5> General Spreading Resistance Expression for Circular Annular Area on Circular Flux Tube<H5> Spreading Resistance within Two-Dimensional Channels<H5> Effect of Single and Multiple Layers (Coatings) on Spreading Resistance<H5> Circular Contact Area on Single Layer (Coating) on Half-Space<H5> Circular Contact Area on Multiple Layers on Circular Flux Tube<H5> Transient Spreading Resistance<H5> Transient Spreading Resistance of Isoflux Hyperellipse Contact Area on Half-Space<H5> Transient Spreading Resistance of Isoflux regular Polygonal Contact Area on Half-Space<H5> Transient Spreading Resistance Within Semi-Infinite Flux Tubes and Channels<H4> Contact, Gap, and Joint Resistances and Contact Conductances<H5> Point and Line Contact Models<H5> Thermal Contact, Gap, and Joint Conductance Models<H5> Gap Conductance Model and Integral<H4> Acknowledgments<H4> Nomenclature<H4> References<H3> Chapter 4-Natural Convection<H4> Introduction<H4> Basics<H5> Equations of Motion and Their Simplification<H5> Problem Classification<H5> Heat Transfer Correlation Method<H4> External Natural Convection<H5> Flat Plates<H5> Cylinders<H4> Open Cavity Problems<H5> Cooling Channels<H5> Extended Surfaces<H4> Natural Convection within Enclosures<H5> Introduction<H5> Geometry and List of Parameters for Cavities Without Interior Solids<H5> The Conduction Layer Model<H5> Horizontal Rectangular Parallelepiped and Circular Cylinder Cavities<H5> Heat Transfer in Vertical Rectangular Parallelepiped Cavites: zero-ninety degrees<H5> Heat Transfer in Inclined Rectangular Cavities<H5> Heat Transfer in Enclosures with Interior Solids at Prescribed Temperature


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