Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Advances and New Directions

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This volume contains an overview of the history of the field of child psychiatry and examines contemporary issues facing child and adolescent psychiatrists, including the roles that changing family dynamics, multi-culturalism, new technologies, play in children's development, specialized applications such as forensic psychiatry; and insurance-related, ethical and administrative issues that affect child psychiatrists' practices.


A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHILD MENTAL HEALTH IN THE UNITED STATES: THE PRECURSORS OF CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY (J. Noshpitz). THE IMPACT OF SOCIOCULTURAL EVENTS. THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION (P. Adams). FAMILIES AND YOUNG PEOPLE. The Changing American Family (C. Bergstrand). Mother-Only, Father-Only Families (J. Milner & P. Adams). Feminism and the Rearing of Children (N. Schrepf). OUT-OF-HOME CHILD CARE AND CHILD AND ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT. Foster Care (A. Rosenfeld & D. Pilowsky). Clinical Implications of Early Day Care (B. Siegel & A. Rosenfeld). Children and Adolescents in Institutions (L. Kiser). THE CONDUCT-DISORDERED DELINQUENT AND SOCIETY (C. Keith). RELIGION, PARENTING, AND THE MENTAL HELATH OF CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS (J. Swanson). AIDS IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS (E. Sperling). THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE REARING OF CHILDREN. The Impact of Television on Children and Adolescents (G. Henson). The Impact of Computers on Children (C. Holzer & C. Holzer). Space Exploration: Influence on Children and Adolescents (D. Anderson). The Impact of the Nuclear Threat on Children and Adolescents (H. Peck). Children and Reproductive Biotechnology: An Essay into the Unkown (N. Stotland & B. Harwood). WHAT DOES A MULTIETHNIC, PLURALISTIC SOCIETY MEAN FOR YOUTH? (E. Kendrick & P. Ruiz). PREVENTION AND RISK FACTORS. Risk and Protection Factors in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders (J. McDermott). Demographic and Epidemiologic Studies in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (C. Holzer & C. Thomas). Parenting and the Development of Children (K. Minde & Regina Minde). Prevention in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (M. Silverman). CONSULTATION AND CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY. The Process of Consultation in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (L. Brown & G. Fritz). Pediatric Consultation Liaison (M. Jellinek & D. Herzog). School Consultation (I. Berkovitz). Principles of Child Forensic Psychiatry Consultations (D. Schetky). Clinical Consulatation to Mental Health Agencies and Practitioners (D. Gair). EMERGENCY ASSESSMENT AND INTERVENTION. Emergency Assessment (M. Benoit). Emergency Assessment and Treatment of the Child Who Has Witnessed Homicide or Violence (S. Eth). Emergency Assessment and Response to Child Physical and Sexual Abuse (S. Kaplan & E. Pinner). Emergency Assessment and Intervention with a Child or Adolescent Who Has Experienced a Catastrophe (S. Thaggard). Suicide Assessment in Child and Adolescent Emergency Psychiatry (M. Benoit). Violent and Homicidal Children and Adolescents: Emergency Assessment and Intervention (M. Alessi & M. Ghaziuddin). Psychiatric Emergency Evaluation and Inervention with Runaway and Homeless Youngsters (D. Inwood). Emergency Assessment and Treatment of the Anxious Child (D. Fisher & H. Koplewicz). The Emergency Assessment and Response to the Acutely Psychotic Child and Adolescent (J. Sison & L. Flaherty). The Emergency Assessment and Response to the Substance Abusive Child and Adolescent (M. Dell & S. Jaffe). FORENSIC CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY. The Rights of Children and Adolescents (J. Milner). The Child and the Law (D. Goyette & P. Schuler). The Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and the Law (W. Bernet). Ethics in Child Psychiatry (S. Flick & W. Winslade). PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN CHILD AND ADOLESCNET PSYCHIATRY. Health Insurance and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry (D. Pruitt & L. Kiser). Managed Care as Viewed from the Managed Behavioral Health Care Organization Perspective (I. Shaffer & M. Nelson). The Practice of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Era of Managed Care (Practitioner Perspective (S. Villani). Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (E. Beresin). Administration in Child Psychiatry (D. Pruitt). The Private Practice of Child Psychiatry (I. Fras). Child Psychiatry and Behavioral-Developmental Pediatrics (J. Heston). Research in Child Psychiatry (A. Apter). Indexes.
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