Hacksilber to Coinage

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Oktober 2001



Ancient Near Eastern hoards of randomly shaped silver, generically called Hacksilber, have come increasingly to be interpreted as hoards of pre-coinage currency. These papers explore the important question of how roughly hacked material gradually evolved into pre-weighed and stamped coinage; the foundation of all modern monetary systems.


The silver hoard from Tel Dor (Ephraim Stern); The Tel Mique-Ekron silver hoards: The Assyrian and Phoenician connections (Seymour Gitin and Amir Golani); The Silver Trail: response to the papers of Ephraim Stern and Seymour Gitlin (William G Dever); The impact on the natural sciences of Hacksilber and early silver coinage (Zofia A Stos-Gale); The conceptual prehistory of money and its impact on the Greek economy (David M Schaps); Observations on monetary instruments in pre-coinage Greece (John H Kroll); Analyzing and interpreting the metallurgy of early electrum coins (Paul T Keyser and David D Clark); Remarks on the value and standards of early electrum coins (Robert Wallace).
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