Groups St Andrews 1989: Volume 2

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August 2005



These volumes will be essential references for research and postgraduate mathematicians whose work involves group theory.


Introduction; 17. A survey of recent results on projective representations of the symmetric groups J. F. Humphreys; 18. Some applications of group theory in combinatorial group theory A. Ivanov and A. Yu. Ol'Shanskii; 19. Rational growth of wreath products D. L. Johnson; 20. The modular group and generalized Farey graphs G. A. Jones, D. Singerman and K. Wicks; 21. On the n-centre of a group L. C. Kappe and M. L. Newell; 22. Existentially closed finitary linear groups O. H. Kegel and D. Schmidt; 23. Permutability and subnormality of subgroups R. R. Maier; 24. Some applications of powerful p-groups A. Mann; 25. Combinatorial aspects of finitely generated virtually free groups T. Muller; 26. Problems in loop theory for group theorists M. Niemenmaa; 27. Sylow theory of CC-groups - a survey J. Otal and J. M. Pena; 28. On the minimal number of generators of certain groups L. Ribes and K. Wong; 29. Lie properties of modular group algebras E. Rips and A. Shalev; 30. Observations on a conjecture of Hans Zassenhaus K. W. Roggenkamp; 31.The Fibonacci groups revisited R. M. Thomas; 32. Galois groups J. G. Thompson; 33. Infinite simple permutation groups - a survey J. K. Truss; 34. Polynomial 2-cycles L. R. Vermiani.


"...will stimulate research in many areas in group theory." Monatshefte fur Math
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