Groups of Self-Equivalences and Related Topics

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Juni 1990



Since the subject of Groups of Self-Equivalences was first discussed in 1958 in a paper of Barcuss and Barratt, a good deal of progress has been achieved. This is reviewed in this volume, first by a long survey article and a presentation of 17 open problems together with a bibliography of the subject, and by a further 14 original research articles.


Equivalent homotopy theories and groups of self-equivalences.- On the group ?(X×Y) and ? B B (X×BY).- Homotopie Des Espaces D'Equivalences.- The space of self maps on the 2-sphere.- Finite presentation of 3-manifold mapping class groups.- Representations of the stable group of self-equivalences.- Homotopy equivalences in 2-categories.- Localizing ?#(X).- Weak equivalences and quasifibrations.- Topological and algebraic automorphisms of 3-manifolds.- Projecting homeomorphisms from covering spaces.- Equivariant self-homotopy equivalences of 2-stage G-spaces.- On skeleton preserving homotopy self-equivalences of CW complexes.- Self-homotopy equivalences and highly connected poincaré complexes.- The group of self-homotopy equivalences - a survey.- Some research problems on homotopy-self-equivalences.- List of papers on or relevant to groups of self-homotopy equivalences.
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