Governance of the American Economy

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This book examines institutions that govern economic activity in the United States and the dramatic changes they have undergone since the late nineteenth century.


List of contributors; List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Part I. Conceptual and Historical Foundations: 1. Economic governance and the analysis of structural change in the American economy Leon N. Lindberg, John L. Campbell and J. Rogers Hollingsworth; 2. The logic of coordinating American manufacturing sectors J. Rogers Hollingsworth; Part II. Empirical Studies of Governance of the American Transformations in the United States: 3. Transformations in the governance of the American telecommunications industry Kenneth N. Bickers; 4. Contradictions of governance in the nuclear energy sector John L. Campbell; 5. The statist evolution of rail governance in the United States, 1830-1986 Robert Dawson Kennedy Jr; 6. Governance of the steel industry: what caused the disintegration of the oligopoly? Christoph Scherrer; 7. Governance of the automobile industry: the transformation of labour and and supplier relations Christoph Scherrer; 8. The dairy industry: form yeomanry to the institutionalization of multilateral governance Brigitte Young; 9. Economic governance and the American meatpacking industry John Portz; 10. The invisible hand in healthcare: the rise of financial markets in the US hospital industry Patricia J. Arnold; Part III. Theoretical Evaluation of the Empirical Cases: 11. The evolution of governance regimes John L. Campbell and Leon N. Lindberg; 12. The state and the organization of economic activity Leon N. Lindberg and John L. Campbell; References; Index.


"...persons working in this area should carefully read the book. The volume's conceptual apparatus may be precisely what they need to generate insights about their research topic." Alan Stone, American Political Science Review
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