Globalization and Global History

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This new volume argues that globalization is not a new and exotic phenomenon. Instead it emphasizes that globalization is something that has been with us as long as there have been people who are both interdependent and aware of that fact.
Contemporary concerns about globalization are hard to avoid. Growing interdependence benefits some and marginalizes others. History is often described from a local perspective, making events seem particularistic and disconnected, rather than being enmeshed in a much larger network of interdependent events. Studying globalization from the vantage point of long-term global history permits theoretical and empirical investigation allowing the contributors to this volume to assess the extent of ongoing transformations and to compare them to earlier iterations. With this historical advantage, the extent of ongoing changes - which previously appeared unprecedented - can be contrasted to similar episodes in the past.
This interdisciplinary volume includes chapters written by historians, sociologists and political scientists. It will appeal to anyone interested in globalization and its origins.


"Globalizations, Global Histories, and Globalizations" Barry K. Gills and William R. Thompson "Globalizing History and Historicising Globalization" Jerry H. Bentley "The Global Animus : In the Tracks of Historical Consciousness" Roland Robertson and David Inglis "Civilizing Processes and International Societies" Andrew Linklater "Globalizations: The First Ten, Hundred, Five Thousand, and Million Years" David Wilkinson "The Big Collapse: A Brief Cosmology of Globalization" Claudio Cioffi-Revilla "[Re} Peripheralization, [Re] Incorporation, Frontiers and Nonstate Societies: Continuities and Discontinuities in Globalization Processes" Thomas D. Hall "Growth/Decline Phases and Semiperipheral Development in the Ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian World-Systems" Christopher Chase-Dunn, Daniel Pasciuti, Alexis Alvarez, and Thomas D. Hall "Early Iron Age Economic Expansion and Contraction Revisited" Andre Gunder Frank and William R. Thompson "Dark Ages: Ecological Crisis Phases and System Transition" Sing C. Chew "Three Steps in Globalization: Global Networks from 1000 B.C.E. to 2050 C.E." Joachim Karl Rennstich "Globalization Began in 1571" Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giraldez "Colonies in a Globalizing Economy, 1815-1948" Patrick Karl O'Brien Contributors Index


Barry K. Gills is Reader in International Politics at the University of Newcastle, UK and Director of the Globalization Research Center at the University of Hawaii, USA. William R. Thompson is Rogers Professor of Political Science at the University of Indiana, USA.
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