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This twentieth edition of Annual Editions: Global Issues is a collection of current world press articles which examine issues relating to population, food production, natural resource utilization, the political economy, conflict, and human rights. Annual Editions titles are supported by the student website, Dushkin Online, and feature an annotated listing of World Wide Web sites.(


UNIT 1. Global Issues in the Twenty-First Century: An Overview1. A Special Moment in History, Bill McKibben, The Atlantic Monthly, May 1998The interconnected dangers of overpopulation, climate change, and pollution have been in the headlines for years, but doomsday has not yet arrived. Bill McKibben examines two important questions: What if we already have inflicted serious damage on the planet? and, What if there are only a few decades left to salvage a stable environment?2. Clash of Globalizations, Stanley Hoffmann, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2002Stanley Hoffmann begins his analysis by briefly reviewing the main ideas of the 1990s that scholars and analysts used to explain and interpret the changes that occurred in the post--cold war era, including a number of globalization processes, which he points out are often contradictory. Rather than being forces of integration, Hoffmann concludes that the clash of these processes creates new forms of conflict. The consequence is a puzzling international arena filled with paradoxes.3. A New Grand Strategy, Benjamin Schwarz and Christopher Layne, The Atlantic Monthly, January 2002Benjamin Schwarz and Christopher Layne challenge the emerging U.S. national security strategy that has been labeled "preponderance." They propose an alternative approach in which the United States would foster a so-called "multi-polar" world that is composed of a number of great powers.4. Mr. Order Meets Mr. Chaos, Robert Wright and Robert Kaplan, Foreign Policy, May/June 2001Two well-known observers of world affairs offer conflicting views of the path of history. Their contending views reflect the differing perspectives offered in this introductory section.UNIT 2. Population and Food Production5. The Big Crunch, Jeffrey Kluger, Time, April/May 2000A general overview is offered of the changing global demographic trends of fewer children and increased longevity. Jeffrey Kluger describes variations between different geographic regions and the varying patterns of consumption among the world's rich and poor.6. SARS Has Lots of Company as Emerging Disease, Seth Borenstein, The Sacramento Bee, May 4, 2003Scientists say environmental, economic, social and scientific changes have helped trigger an explosion of more than 35 new infectious diseases in the past 30 years.7. Bittersweet Harvest: The Debate Over Genetically Modified Crops, Honor Hsin, Harvard International Review, Spring 2002In this essay, the growing debate over genetically modifed crops is described with specific examples of both pro and con perspectives. Honor Hsin concludes that careful scientific research must be seriously considered in this debate rather than just corporate interests or public fears.UNIT 3. The Global Environment and Natural Resources Utilization8. The Challenges We Face, Jeffrey Kluger and Andrea Dorfman, Time, August 26, 2002In the summer of 2002, world leaders gathered in Johann
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