Geometry of Banach Spaces: Proceedings of the Conference Held in Strobl, Austria 1989

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This volume reflects the progress made in many branches of recent research in Banach space theory, an analytic approach to geometry. Including papers by most of the leading figures in the area, it is intended to illustrate the interplay of Banach space theory with harmonic analysis, probability, complex function theory, and finite dimensional convexity theory. The papers consist of a selection of surveys and original research.


A note on the Ishihara and Takahashi modulus of convexity J. Alonso and A. Ullan; 1. A property of non-strongly regular operators S. Agyros and M. Petrakis; 2. The entropy of convex bodies with 'few' extreme points K. Ball and A. Pajor; 3. Spaces of vector-valued analytic functions and applications P. G. Casazza and N. J. Kalton; 4. Moduli of complex convexity W. Davis; 5. Grothendieck-type inequalities and weak Hilbert spaces M. Defant and M. Junge; 6. A weak topology characterization of l1(m) S. J. Dilworth; 7. Singular integral operators: a martingale approach T. Figiel; 8. Remarks about the interpolation of Radon-Nikodym operators N. Ghoussoub, B. Maurey and W. Schachermayer; 9. Symmetric sequences in finite-dimensional normed spaces T. Gowers; 10. Some topologies on the space of analytic self-maps of the unit disk H. Hunziker, H. Jarchow and V. Mascioni; 11. Minimal and strongly minimal Orlicz spaces N. J. Kalton; 12. Type and cotype in Musielak-Orlicz spaces A. Kaminska and B. Turett; 13. On the complex Grothendieck constant in the n-dimensional case H. Konig; 14. Pathological properties and dichotomies for random quotients of finite-dimensional Banach spaces P. Mankiewicz and N. Tomczak-Jaegermann; 15. A note on a low M*-estimate V. Milman; 16. The p1/p in Pisier's factorization theorem S. J. Montgomery-Smith; 17. When E and E[E] are isomorphic C. J. Read; 18. A note on Gaussian measure of translates of balls M. Talagrand; 19. Sublattices of M(X) isometric to M[0,1] L. W. Weiss.
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