Geometric Topology and Shape Theory

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Oktober 1987



The aim of this international conference the third of its type was to survey recent developments in Geometric Topology and Shape Theory with an emphasis on their interaction. The volume contains original research papers and carefully selected survey of currently active areas. The main topics and themes represented by the papers of this volume include decomposition theory, cell-like mappings and CE-equivalent compacta, covering dimension versus cohomological dimension, ANR's and LCn-compacta, homology manifolds, embeddings of continua into manifolds, complement theorems in shape theory, approximate fibrations and shape fibrations, fibered shape, exact homologies and strong shape theory.


An alternative proof of M. Brown's theorem on inverse sequences of near homeomorphisms.- Strong homology theories.- Borsuk fixed point theorem for multi-valued maps.- Improving categorical coverings of spaces.- The intimate connections among decomposition theory, embedding theory, and manifold structure theory.- On resolutions of LCn-compacta.- Infinite-dimensional compacta with finite cohomological dimension modulo p.- Sheaves that are locally constant with applications to homology manifolds.- UVk-equivalent compacta.- Covering maps in topN.- Embedding of continua.- Using solenoids in the study of the Stone-?ech compactification.- The alexander-pontryagin duality theorem for coherent homology and cohomology with coefficients in sheaves of modules.- On exact homology.- Geometric category and Lusternik-Schnirelmann category.- On the homology of function spaces.- On shape theory with compact supports.- Complement theorems in shape theory, II.- The continuity axiom and the ?ech homology.- Fiber shape theory, shape fibrations and movability of maps.- Some open questions in geometric topology and shape theory.
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