Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes

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This volume offers a state-of-the-art review of terrestrial geochemical sedimentology by internationally recognised experts in the field, integrating their most current research with earlier work. For the first time, the full range of these sediments is reviewed in a single volume, from duricrusts (calcrete, laterite and silcrete) to deposits precipitated in various spring, lake, cave and near-coastal environments. Each chapter summarises the main characteristics of the sediments: morphological, chemical and mineralogical. Distribution, mechanisms of formation or accumulation, palaeoenvironmental significance, and relationships to other terrestrial geochemical sediments are also addressed. Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes is unique in its currency and comprehensiveness. An introductory chapter provides an overview of the links between long-term landscape change and geochemical sedimentation. Understanding the origins of terrestrial geochemical sediments can provide insights into past environments, landform preservation and landscape erosion. One chapter is dedicated to the major investigative analytical techniques used in research, and the final chapter identifies key themes and directions for future research.


1. Introduction: Geochemical Sediments in Landscapes (David J. Nash and Sue J. McLaren).
2. Calcrete (V. Paul Wright).
3. Laterite and ferricrete (Mike Widdowson).
4. Silcrete (David J. Nash and J. Stewart Ullyott).
5. Aeolianite (Sue J. McLaren).
6. Tufa and travertine (Heather A. Viles and Allan Pentecost).
7. Speleothems (Ian J. Fairchild, Anna Tooth, Andrea Borsato and Silvia Frisia).
8. Rock varnish (Ronald I. Dorn).
9. Lacustrine and palustrine geochemical sediments (Eric P. Verrecchia).
10. Terrestrial evaporites (Allan R. Chivas).
11. Beachrock and intertidal precipitates (Eberhard Gischler).
12. Nitrate deposits and surface efflorescences (Andrew S. Goudie and Elaine Heslop).
13. Analytical techniques for investigating terrestrial geochemical sediments (John McAlister & Bernie J. Smith).
14. Geochemical sediments and landscapes: general summary (Sue J. McLaren and David J. Nash).


David J. Nash is Reader in Physical Geography at the University of Brighton. He is widely known for his publications on the links between silcretes, calcretes and landscape evolution in southern Africa, southwest Europe and the UK, as well as his broader research into the geomorphology of dryland regions and Quaternary to recent environmental changes in deserts.
Sue J. McLaren is Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Leicester. Her research expertise is in terrestrial geochemical sediments (particularly aeolianites and calcretes), reconstructing palaeoenvironments in drylands, and geoarchaeology. Sue has worked extensively in northern and southern Africa, the Middle East, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as in the Mediterranean and Borneo.


"The editors of this book have composed an excellent, up-to-date overview of continental chemical deposits. ... This volume contributes substantially to a better understanding of several earth-surface processes. It is a book that many earth scientists interested in geomorphology, weathering, soils and continental paleoenviroments long have waited for." (Journal of Sedimentary Research, January 2009) "I would highly recommend this text to both students and academics--I will certainly be adding it to my class reading lists." (Geographical Journal, 2009)
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