Genetic Manipulation: Techniques and Applications

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Januar 1991



Based on the Society for Applied Bacteriology's Autumn 1989 conference, this volume, containing 26 chapters from an expert team of contributors, covers a wide and up-to-date range of techniques used in genetic engineering.


Extraction, purification and assay of DNA; Restriction mapping of DNA; The construction and use of cloning vectors; Adaptor based cDNA cloning by the phage vectors; Plasmid profiling and DNA/DNA hybridization for distinguishing between mesophilic aeromonas bacteria; Preparation and screening of genomic libraries; DNA probes for detection and identification of bacteria; Extraction and purification of eukaryotic mRNA; cDNA cloning; Primer extension sequencing of RNA viruses; Forensic applications of DNA profiling; Application of nucleic acid probes to the identification of bacterial enteric pathogens; Quantification of collagen mRNA levels in mammalian cells; Detection of food-borne bacterial pathogens by a colorimetric DNA hybridization method; Use of a DNA probe for a viroid in plant pathology; Analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphisms in the study of bacteria; The use of DNA probes to detect 'selected bacteria' after their introduction into the waste water treatment plant; The use of genetic manipulation to study bacterial pathogens; RNA detection methods in basic cardiac research; The polymerase chain reaction and its application to basic research in molecular biology; The effect of nutrient limitation on the stability and expression of recombinant plasmids; Large scale production of proteins from recombinant DNA in Escherichia coli; Stability and copy number of yeast cloning vectors; Designer genes - Design and synthesis illustrated for the gene coding for human macrophage colony stimulating factor; Monitoring safety in process biotechnology; Patenting in biotechnology
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