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Dezember 2001



A new picture of the origin and migrations of modern humans in the region of Southeast Asia is quickly emerging. In this book, the leading researchers in the studies of Southeast Asian, East Asian, and Oceanian populations present the most up-to-date results of their research.


Prehistory of human populations: archaelogical, linguistic and paleontological perspectives - prehistory, language and human biology - is there a consensus in East and Southeast Asia?, C.F.W. Higham; human diversity and language diversity, W. S-Y Wang; before the neolithic - hunter-gatherer societies in Central Thailand, R. Thosarat. The peopling of Southeast Asia: the case for an African rather than an Asian origin of the human Y-chromosome YAP insertion, P.A. Underhill and C.C. Roseman; genetic history of ethnic populations in Southwestern China, B. Su et al; Y-chromosomal variation in uxorilocal and patrilocal populations in Thailand, M. Srikummool et al; genetic relationships among 16 ethnic groups from Malaysia and Southeast Asia, S.G. Tan. The peopling of East Asia: Chinese human genome diversity project - a synopsis, J. Chu; origins and prehistoric migrations of modern humans in East Asia, B. Su and L. Jin. The peopling of Oceania: the genetic trail from Southeast Asia to the Pacific, R. Deka et al; the colonization of remote Oceania and the drowning of Sundaland, J.K. Lum.


.,." a valuable example of a multidisciplinary approach employed to better evaluate the different hypotheses concerning human origins and movements."
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