Gender, State and Society in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia

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One of the few English language studies to focus on the male experiences, this book addresses the important questions raised by the rise and fall of the Soviet experiment in transforming gender relations. Issues covered include; * the paternal role * women as breadwinners * men's loss of status at work * changing gender roles in the press * the relationship between the sexual and gender revoloutions. Featuring an outstanding panel of Russian contributors, this collection is a valuable resource for students and scholars of Politics, Gender Studies and Russian Studies.


1. Gender, State and the Society in Soviety and Post-Soviet Russia, Sara Ashwin 2. From Duty to Pleasure? Motherhood in Soviet Post-Soviet Russia, Olga Issoupova 3. Russia's Female Breadwinners: The Changing Subjective Experience, Marina Kiblitskaya 4. Fathers and Patriarchs in Communist and Post-Communist Russia, Sergei Kukhterin 5. Once We Were Kings: Male Experiences of Loss of Status at Work in Post-Communist Russia, Marina Kiblitskaya 6. New Russian Men: Masculinity Regained? Elena Meshcherkina 7. The Changing Representation of Gender Roles in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Press, Irina Tartakovskaya 8. 'My Body, My Friend?' Provincial Youth Between the Sexual and the Gender Revolutions, Elena Omel'chenko


"This sophisticated and stimulating book explores how the Soviet state deliberately engineered a distinctive "gender order" as part of its strategy for the consolidation of power and the transformation of Russian society, and how this order has in turn been transformed since 1991.."
-"P. Rutland, Wesleyan University
"The complex and original analysis of gender roles, and the attention to masculinity, will be of interest for both women's studies and Russian history programs."
-P.Rutland "Choice
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