Gender, Countertransference and the Erotic Transference

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November 2006



Offers insights into working with complex transference and countertransference phenomena. Including views from a wide spectrum of theoretical backgrounds, this work makes a contribution to discourse on the themes of gender, sexuality and the erotic transference. It is aimed at clinicians, students and trainees in psychoanalysis.


Schaverien, Introduction. Part I: Gender and the Erotic Transference. Schaverien, Men Who Leave Too Soon: Reflections on the Erotic Transference and Countertransference. Schaverien, Individuation at the End of Life: A Study of Erotic Transference and Countertransference. Schaverien, Supervising the Erotic Transference and Countertransference. Part II: Erotic Transferences and the Symbolic Function. Springer, Paying Homage to the Power of Love: Exceeding the Bounds of Professional Practice. Covington, Purposive Aspects of the Erotic Transference. Kavaler-Adler, Mourning and Erotic Transference. Ellis, Who Speaks? Who Listens? Different Voices and Different Sexualities. Part III: Women Working with Women. Williams, Women in Search of Women: Clinical Issues that Underlie a Woman's Search for a Female Therapist. Kavaler-Adler, Lesbian Homoerotic Transference in Dialectic with Developmental Mourning: On the Way to Symbolism from the Protosymbolic. Springer, Female Perversion: Scenes and Strategies in Analysis and Culture. Orbach, What Can We Learn From the Therapist's Body? Part IV: Historical Perspectives on Women Working with Men. Guttman, Sexual Issues in the Transference and Countertransference Between Female Therapist and Male Patient. Kulish, Gender and Transference: The Screen of the Phallic Mother. Karme, The Analysis of a Male Patient by a Female Analyst: The Problem of the Negative Oedipal Transference. Goldberger, Holmes, On Transference Manifestations in Male Patients with Female Analysts.


Joy Schaverien is a Professional member of the Society of Analytical Psychology in London, a Training Analyst and Supervisor of the British Association of Psychotherapists, and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield and a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology.
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