Gauge Theories in the Twentieth Century

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Oktober 2001



This volume brings together the key papers in the history of gauge theories, including the discoveries of: the role of gauge transformations in the quantum theory of electrically charged particles in the 1920s; nonabelian gauge groups in the 1950s; and vacuum symmetry-breaking in the 1960s.


Gauge Invariance in Electromagnetism; Non-Abelian Gauge Theories; Gravity as a Gauge Theory; Gauge Invariance and Superconductivity; Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Particle Physics; Gauge-Fixing in Non-Abelian Gauge Theories; Gauge Identities and Unitarity; Asymptotic Freedom; Monopoles and Vortex Lines; Non-Pertubative Approaches; Instantons and Vacuum Structure; Three-Dimensional Gauge Fields and Topological Actions; Gauge Theories and Mathematics.


"J C Taylor recently edited a collection of original articles on gauge theory, starting with a few pages from Maxwell's 'Treatise'. The collection is well chosen, and is introduced by an instructive commentary. I find it especially useful since it included translations into English of several articles originally in German." C N Yang SUNY, Stony Brook "This is a fascinating and valuable collection, especially the earlier papers, some of which are not now well known. John Taylor's introductory commentary provides a clear and concise explanation of the context and significance of the papers." Tom Kibble Imperial College, London
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