Galaxy Evolution Across the Hubble Time: Proceedings of the 235th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Prague, Czech Republic, Au

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This last decade has witnessed a revolution in our observations of galaxies; in particular deep imaging with HST and spectroscopy with 10m-class ground-based telescopes have uncovered many objects that are difficult to place along the Hubble sequence. High resolution spectroscopy of extremely faint objects has enabled the study of the kinematic evolution and, hence, the mass assembly of galaxies to unprecedented look-back times for direct comparison with cosmological structure formation scenarios. Thus, it is now possible to study all three aspects of galaxy evolution - their morphological-dynamical, chemical and spectral evolution out to redshift larger than six, exploring more than 95% of the age of the universe. These Proceedings of the IAU Symposium 235 report the considerable progress made in recent years on galaxy formation and evolution, and look forward to the expected breakthroughs in the domain of remote galaxies, with ALMA, the ELT and the next generation space telescopes.


Preface; 1. Galaxy building blocks; 2. Environment and interactions; 3. Star formation processes and feedback; 4. The Early Universe; Author index.


Francoise Combes is a senior astronomer at Observatoire de Paris. She is an expert on the dynamics and interactions of galaxies. Jan Palous is a professor at the Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. His research interests include galactic evolution, star formation and the interstellar medium.


'Galaxy evolution is in a phase of astonishingly rapid development ... over 200 papers in this volume [give] a snapshot of [this] progress.' The Observatory
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