Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics

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Practicing engineers in diverse fields need to understand how principles can be applied to the solution of real problems. Bridging the gap between standard textbooks and specialized references, Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics builds a foundation in electromagnetics for engineers who need a thorough overview of the subject. Coverage includes applied electrostatics, electromagnetic induction, wave propagation, transmission lines, waveguides and resonators, fundamentals and representative types of antennas, and electromagnetic compatibility. Appendices provide useful constants, units and conversions, and a review of vector analysis and coordinate systems.


FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING ELECTROMAGNETICS REVISITED; N. Narayana Rao Field Concepts and Constitutive Relations Maxwell's Equations, Boundary Conditions, Potentials, and Power and Energy Static Fields, Quasistatic Fields, and Waves References APPLIED ELECTROSTATICS; Mark N. Horenstein Introduction The Electroquasistatic Regime Discrete and Distributed Capacitance Dielectric Permittivity The Origins of Electrostatic Charge When is "Static" Charge Truly Static? Induction Charging Dielectric Breakdown Corona Discharge Charges and Force Particle Charging in Air Charged Particle Motion Electrostatic Coating Electrostatic Paint Spraying Electrophotography Electrostatic Precipitation Field and Charge Measurement Electrostatic Field Mill Noncontacting Voltmeter Micromachines Digital Mirror Device Electrostatic Discharge and Charge Neutralization Summary References MAGNETOSTATICS; Milica Popovic, Branko D. Popovic, and Zoya Popovic Introduction Theoretical Background and Fundamental Equations Applications of Magnetostatics References and Further Reading ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION; Milica Popovic, Branko D. Popovic, and Zoya Popovic Introduction Theoretical Background and Fundamental Equations Consequences of Electromagnetic Induction Applications of Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law Evaluation of Mutual and Self-Inductance Energy and Forces in the Magnetic Field: Implications and Applications Some Interesting Examples of Electromagnetic Induction References WAVE PROPAGATION; Mohammad Kolbehdari and Matthew N.O. Sadiku Wave Equations and Characteristics Free-Space Propagation Model Path Loss Model Empirical Path Loss Formula References TRANSMISSION LINES; Andreas Weisshaar Introduction Basic Transmission-Line Characteristics Transient Response of Lossless Transmission Lines Sinusoidal Steady-State Response of Transmission Lines Further Topics of Technological Importance and Future Directions References WAVEGUIDES AND RESONATORS; Kenneth R. Demarest Introduction Mode Classifications Modal Fields and Cutoff Frequencies Properties of Metal Waveguides Rectangular Waveguides Circular Waveguides Coaxial-to-Waveguide Transitions Comparative Survey of Metal Waveguides Cavity Resonators References ANTENNAS: FUNDAMENTALS; David Thiel Introduction to Radiation Antenna Terminology Simple Antenna Structures Antenna Arrays and Pattern Synthesis Smart Antennas Antenna Measurements References ANTENNAS: REPRESENTATIVE TYPES; David R. Jackson, Jeffrey T. Williams, and Donald R. Wilton Microstrip Antennas Broadband Antennas Traveling and Leaky-Wave Antennas Aperture Antennas Phased Arrays References ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY; Christos Christopoulos Significance of EMC to Modern Engineering Practice Useful Concepts and Techniques from Electromagnetics, Signals, and Circuits Important Coupling Mechanisms in EMC Practical Techniques for the Control of Interference EMC Standards and Techniques Outstanding Problems and Future Trends References APPENDIX A: SOME USEFUL CONSTANTS APPENDIX B: SOME UNITS AND CONVERSIONS APPENDIX C: REVIEW OF VECTOR ANALYSIS AND COORDINATE SYSTEMS INDEX
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