Functional Analysis

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August 1988



The articles in this volume are based on talks given in a seminar at Austin during 1986-87. They range from those dealing with fresh research and discoveries to exposition and new proofs of older results. The main topics and themes include geometric and analytic properties of infinite-dimensional Banach spaces and their convex subsets as well as some aspects of Banach spaces associated with harmonic analysis and Banach algebras.


On the Choquet representation theorem.- Extraction of almost symmetric subsequences in r.i. spaces.- Concepts in the real interpolation of Banach spaces.- On almost i.i.d. subsequences of the trigonometric system.- An example concerning strong regularity and points of continuity in Banach spaces.- On certain convex subsets of c 0.- Complemented translation-invariant subspaces.- Averaging weakly null sequences.- On approximation numbers of the canonical embedding ? p m ? ? q m .- JH* had the C*PCP.- L 1-Convexity.- Spectra in quasi-Banach algebras.- On similarity of nests in hilbert space and in Banach spaces.- A proof of Borsuk's theorem.
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