From Ultra Rays to Astroparticles

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The scope of the book is to give an overview of the history of astroparticle physics, starting with the discovery of cosmic rays (Victor Hess, 1912) and its background (X-ray, radioactivity). The book focusses on the ways in which physics changes in the course of this history. The following changes run parallel, overlap, and/or interact: - Discovery of effects like X-rays, radioactivity, cosmic rays, new particles but also  progress  through non-discoveries (monopoles)  etc. - The change of the description of nature in physics, as consequence of new theoretical questions at the beginning of the 20th century, giving rise to quantum physics, relativity, etc. - The change of experimental methods, cooperations, disciplinary divisions. With regard to the latter change, a main topic of the book is to make the specific multi-diciplinary features of astroparticle physics clear.


1 Introduction.-.
2 From the discovery of radioactivity to first accelerator experiments.- 3 Development of Cosmology:From a Static Universe to Accelerated Expansion.- 4 Evolution of Astrophysics5.1 Introduction and General Overview.
5 Development of Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Ray Research.
6 Very-High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy.- 7 Search for the neutrino mass and low energy neutrino astronomy.-  8 From Particle Physics to Astroparticle Physics: Proton Decay and the Rise of Non-Accelerator Physics.
10 From Waves to Particle Tracks and Quantum Probabilities.-  A Timetable.
B Nobel prizes.
C Textbooks.
 C.1 Textbooks 1987-2012.
 C.2 Textbooks 1962-1986.
C.3 Textbooks 1937-1961.
C.4 Textbooks 1912-1936.
D Books in History of Physics



From the reviews: "This book is a collection of ten articles written by expert contributors who describe current work in a technological and historical context. ... Each article gives a thorough account and includes many references for further study. ... This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the field and a useful supplement to lecture courses. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, researchers/faculty, and professionals." (M. Dickinson, Choice, Vol. 50 (11), July, 2013)
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