From Sociology to Computing in Social Networks

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Important aspects of social networking analysis are covered in this work by combining experimental and theoretical research. A specific focus is devoted to emerging trends and the industry needs associated with utilizing data mining techniques. Some of the techniques covered include data mining advances in the discovery and analysis of communities, in the personalization of solitary activities (like searches) and social activities (like discovering potential friends), in the analysis of user behavior in open fora (like conventional sites, blogs and fora) and in commercial platforms (like e-auctions), and in the associated security and privacy-preservation challenges; as well as social network modeling, scalable, customizable social network infrastructure construction, and the identification and discovery of dynamic growth and evolution patterns using machine learning approaches or multi-agent based simulation. These topics will be of interest to practitioners and researchers alike in this dynamic and growing field.


Social Networks: A powerful model for serving a wide range of domains (Nasrullah Memon and Reda Alhaj

Part I Mining based Social Network Methods

Employing Social Network Construction and Analysis in Web Structure
Optimization (Mohamad Nagi, Abdelghani Guerbas, Keivan Kianmehr, Panagiotis
Karampelas, Mick Ridley, Reda Alhajj, and Jon Rokne)
Mining Heterogeneous Social Networks for Egocentric Information
Abstraction (Cheng-Te Li and Shou-De Lin)
PROG: A Complementary Model to the Social Networks for Mining
Forums (Anna Stavrianou, Julien Velcin, and Jean-Hugues Chauchat)
Socio-Contextual Network Mining for User Assistance in Web-based
Knowledge Gathering Tasks (Balaji Rajendran and Iyakutti Kombiah)
Integrating Entropy and Closed Frequent Pattern Mining for Social
Network Modelling and Analysis (Muhaimenul Adnan, Reda Alhajj, and Jon Rokne)

Part II Dynamics in Social Network Models

Visualisation of the Dynamics for longitudinal analysis of Computer -
Mediated Social Networks - Concept and Exemplary Cases (Andreas Harrer, Sam Zeini, and Sabrina Ziebarth)
EWAS: Modeling Application for Early Detection of Terrorist Threats (Pir Abdul Rasool Qureshi, Nasrullah Memon, and Uffe Kock Wiil)
Complex Dynamics in Information Sharing Networks (Bruce Cronin)
Harnessing Wisdom of the Crowds Dynamics for Time-Dependent
Reputation and Ranking (Elizabeth M. Daly)

Part III Discovering Structures in Social Networks

Detecting Communities in Social Networks using Local Information (Jiyang Chen, Osmar R. Zaïane, and Randy Goebel)
Why Do Diffusion Data not Fit the Logistic Model? A Note on Network
Discreteness, Heterogeneity and Anisotropy (Dominique Raynaud)
Interlocking Communication Measuring Collaborative Intensity in
Social Networks (Klaus Stein and Steffen Blaschke)
The Structural Underpinnings Of Policy Learning: A Classroom Policy
Simulation (Stephen Bird)

Part IV Social Media

A Journey to the Core of the Blogosphere (Darko Obradovic and Stephan Baumann)
Social Physics ofthe Blogosphere Capturing, Analyzing and Presenting
Interdependencies within a Single Framework (Justus Bross, Keven Richly, Patrick Schilf, and Christoph Meinel)
Twitmographics: Learning the Emergent Properties of the Twitter
Community (Marc Cheong and Vincent Le)
Dissecting Twitter: A Review on Current Microblogging Research, and
Lessons from Related Fields (Marc Cheong and Vincent Lee)

Part V Software Applications

Unleash the CSS-Factor A Social Capital Approach to the Benefits and
Challenges of Corporate Social Software (Carina Heppke)
Extending SQL to Support Privacy Policies (Kambiz Ghazinour, Sampson Pun, Maryam Majedi, Amir H. Chinaei, and Ken Barker)
nCompass Service Oriented Architecture for Tacit Collaboration
Services (David Schroh, Neil Bozowsky, Mike Savigny, and William Wright)
SOA Security Aspects in Web-Based Architectural Design (Asadullah Shaikh, Sheeraz Ali, Nasrullah Memon, and Panagiotis Karampela)
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