Fritz John Collected Papers

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Fritz John; Collected Works Contents - Volume 2.- V Papers on Numerical Methods.- [29] On integration of parabolic equations by difference methods (1952).- Commentary on [29].- VI Papers on Elasticity Theory.- [46] Plane strain problems for a perfectly elastic material of harmonic type (1960).- [51a] Perfectly elastic bodies of harmonic type (1963).- [56] Estimates for the derivatives of the stresses in a thin shell and interior shell equations (1965).- [59] Plane elastic waves of finite amplitude (1966).- [70] Distance changes in deformations with small strain (1970).- [71] Refined interior equations for thin plastic shells (1971).- [74] The transition from thin plate to membrane in the case of a plate under uniform tension (1972).- [75] Uniqueness of nonlinear elastic equilibrium for prescribed boundary displacements and sufficiently small strains (1972).- [80] The transition from thin plate to membrane in the equations of V. Karman-Föppl (1975).- [87] Finite amplitude waves in a homogeneous isotropic elastic solid (1977).- [96] Instability of finite amplitude elastic waves (1981).- Commentary on [56], [71], and [74].- VII Papers on Water Waves.- [18] Waves in the presence of an inclined barrier (1948).- [22] On the motion of floating bodies, I (1949).- [24] On the motion of floating bodies, II (1950).- [32] Two-dimensional potential flows with a free boundary (1953).- Commentary on [22], [24], and [32].- VIII Papers on Geometric Inequaities and Convexity.- [5] Moments of inertia of convex regions (1936).- [7] Polar correspondence with respect to a convex region (1937).- [10] Special solutions of certain difference equations (1939).- [11] An inequality for convex bodies (1940).- [12] Discontinuous convex solutions of difference equations (1941).- [17] Extremum problems with inequalities as subsidiary conditions (1948).- [60] On symmetric matrices whose eigenvalues satisfy linear inequalities (1966).- [65] A note on my paper, "On symmetric matrices whose eigenvalues satisfy linear inequalities" (1968).- [63] On quasi-isometric mappings, I (1968).- [63a] Note on the paper, "On quasi-isometric mappings, I" (1972).- [64] On quasi-isometric mappings, II (1969).- [73] Bounds for deformations in terms of average strains (1972).- [84] A criterion for univalencv brought up to date (1976).- Remarks on [17], [63], [64], and [84].- Commentary on [17].- IX Papers on Functions of Bounded Mean Oscillations.- [48] Rotation and strain (1961).- [49] (With L. Nirenberg) On Functions of bounded mean oscillation (1961).- [54] Quasi-isometric mappings (1964).- [78] Inunctions whose gradient is bounded by reciprocal distance from the boundary of their domain (1974).- Remark on [48].- Commentary on [48], [49], [54], [63], [64], [75], and [51a].- X Miscellaneous.- [1] Über die Vollständigkeit der Relationen von Morse für die Anzahlen kritischer Punkte (1943).- [3] Identitaten zwischen dem Integral einer willktirlüchen Funktion und unendlichen Reihen (1935).- [116] A representation of Stieltjes integrals by conditionally convergent series (1937).- [20] On harmonic vibrations out of phase with the exciting force (1948).- Collected Mathematical Papers ordered chronologically according to the date of original publication.
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