Fratricide in Battle: (Un)Friendly Fire

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April 2012



'Blue on Blue', 'Fratricide', 'Friendly Fire' is a persistent and unwelcome feature in war, and has been throughout the history of warfare. This book explores the nature and common origins of fratricide, the part played by humans in fratricide incidents and looks ahead in addressing ways of tackling the problem.


Introduction; Part I: The Problem; 2. An Historical Analysis of Fratricide Paul Syms; 3. The Fratricide Problem and Range of Potential Solutions Charles Kirke; 4. Dynamic Risk and Fratricide John Ash; 5. The Organization of Fratricide - Organizational complexity and Fratricide Dermot Rooney; Part II: Understanding the Human Dimension to Fratricide; 6. How can Human Factors be exploited to reduce the risk of fratricide? Claire Outteridge et al; 7. Modelling Human Factors in the engagement process David Dean; 8. Air to Ground Fratricide Fin Monahan; 9. The heat of the armoured battle - making the decision to fire Charles Kirke; Part III - Reducing Fratricide?; 10. Knowing the Battlefield - US Satellite-Based Locating Systems Alan Mosher; 11. "Judged by 12 or carried by 6" - The British perspective on Combat Identification Andrew Gillespie; 12. The Role of Information Systems in Reducing Fratricide Christophe Guettier; 13. Fratricide - A Sceptic's View Jorma Jormakka; Conclusion: So What? Where do we go next? Charles Kirke.


Charles Kirke is Lecturer in Military Anthropology and Human Factors at Cranfield University, UK. He has worked with Combat Identification issues in various posts since 1981, both as a military officer and scholar.
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