Franks and Alamanni in the Merovingian Period: An Ethnographic Perspective

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The Alamans were early victims of post-Roman expansion of the Frankish empire; studies consider both races from historical, archaeological and linguistic perspectives.(3-6c)


Franks and Alamanni - a discontinuous ethnogenesis, H.J. Hummer -Franks and Alamanni - a historical sketch, Frankish ethnogenesis, Alamanic ethnogenesis, discussion; dwellings, settlements and settlement patterns of the sixth and seventh centuries in southwest Germany and adjacent areas, F. Damminger - settlement features, rural settlements, central places, discussion; an unresolved riddle - early medieval incest legislation, M. de Jong - some evidence, conflict and confusion, explanations, alternatives, discussion; social identities and social relationships in early Merovingian Gaul, G. Halsall -theory (1) identities and "barriers", theory (2) dynamics of socio-political change, geography and historical background, the arena -settlement and community, class and rank, ethnicity, family, gender and age, religion, discussion; social structure and relations, F. Siegmund - sources, elite, life development, size of communities, ethnicity, ethnic units and elite, discussion; jural relations among the Franks and Alamanni, I.N. Wood - discussion; Gregory's cities -urban functions in sixth century Gaul, S.T. Loseby - Gregory's cities, government and adminstration, security and defence, the church and the city, the city as a social and economic centre, problems and conclusions, discussion; the nature of Frankish political institutions in the seventh century, P.J. Fouracre - discussion; silverware in early medieval gift exchange - imitatio imperii and objects of memory, M. Hardt - discussion; the influence of the Christian Franks on the Christian vocabulary of Germany, D.H. Green - discussion; current issues and future directions in the study of Franks and Alamanni in the Merovingian period - discussion with comments by G. Ausenda -history, kinship and marriage, social structure, jural relations and conflict, rural economics, political relations, religion, setting up projects, methodology.
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