Fourteenth Century England I

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The fourteenth century is one of the most turbulent and compelling periods of English history, reflected in the vitality of the current scholarship devoted to it. This new series provides a forum for the most recent research into the political, social, and ecclesiastical history of the century, and complements earlier series from Boydell & Brewer, Anglo-Norman Studies and Thirteenth Century England, which taken together offer a complete overview of debate on the middle ages.The substantial and significant studies in this volume have a particular focus on political history, including examinations of Edward II's charter witness lists and the consolidation of Henry IV's power in his early years; other topics include the Black Death and law-making, castle-building and memorials, war and chivalry in the Scalacronica, and architecture in the courts of Edward III and Charles V of France. Contributors: JEFFREY HAMILTON, ANDY KING, ROY M. HAINES, ANTHONY MUSSON, GLORIA J. BETCHER, CYNTHIA J. NEVILLE, CHRISTOPHER PHILPOTTS, CHARLES COULSON, MARY WHITELEY, NICHOLAS ROGERS, LYNDA DENNISON, DOUGLAS BIGGS NIGEL SAUL is Professor of Medieval History, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London.


Charter witness lists for the reign of Edward II, Jeffrey Hamilton; a helm with a crest of gold - the Order of Chivalry in Thomas Gray's "Scalachronica", Andy King; Simon de Montacute, Brother of William, Earl of Salisbury, Bishop of Worcester (1333-37), of Ely (1337-45), Roy M. Haines; new labour laws, new remedies? legal reaction to the Black Death "crisis", Anthony Musson; translating a labour dispute in the Cornish "Ordinalia" within a legal context, Gloria J. Betcher; homicide in the Ecclesiastical Court of 14th-century Durham, Cynthia J. Neville; plague and reconstruction - Bishops Edington and Wykeham at Highclere, 1346-1404, Christopher Phillpotts; 14th-century castles in context - apotheosis or decline? Charles Coulson; the courts of Edward III of England and Charles V of France - a comparison of their architectural setting and ceremonial functions, Mary Whiteley; the Elsing brass and its East Anglian connections, Lynda Dennison and Nicholas Rogers; the reign of Henry IV - the revolution of 1399 and the establishment of the Lancastrian regime, Douglas Biggs.
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