Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems - FORTE 2003

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September 2003



This volume contains the proceedings of FORTE 2003, the 23rd IFIP TC 6/ WG 6.1 International Conference on Formal Techniques for Networked and D- tributed Systems, held in Berlin, Germany, September 29-October 2, 2003. FORTE denotes a series of international working conferences on formal descr- tion techniques (FDTs) applied to computer networks and distributed systems. The conference series started in 1981 under the name PSTV. In 1988 a s- ond series under the name FORTE was set up. Both series were united to FORTE/PSTV in 1996. Two years ago the conference name was changed to its current form. The last ?ve meetings of this long conference series were held in Paris, France (1998), Beijing, China (1999), Pisa, Italy (2000), Cheju Island, Korea (2001), and Houston, USA (2002). The 23rd FORTE conference was especially dedicated to the application of formal description techniques to practice, especially in the Internet and c- munication domain. The scope of the papers presented at FORTE 2003 covered the application of formal techniques, timed automata, FDT-based design, v- i?cation and testing of communication systems and distributed systems, and the veri?cation of security protocols. In addition, work-in-progress papers were presented which have been published in a separate volume.


UNIX STREAMS Generation from a Formal Specification.- Specifying and Realising Interactive Voice Services.- Vertical Reuse in the Development of Distributed Systems with FDTs.- Service-Oriented Systems Engineering: Modeling Services and Layered Architectures.- Validation of the Sessionless Mode of the HTTPR Protocol.- Generation of All Counter-Examples for Push-Down Systems.- Modeling and Model Checking Mobile Phone Payment Systems.- Behavioural Contracts for a Sound Assembly of Components.- Automatic Verification of Annotated Code.- Combating Infinite State Using Ergo.- Numerical Coverage Estimation for the Symbolic Simulation of Real-Time Systems.- Discrete Timed Automata and MONA: Description, Specification and Verification of a Multimedia Stream.- Can Decision Diagrams Overcome State Space Explosion in Real-Time Verification?.- How Stop and Wait Protocols Can Fail over the Internet.- Introducing Commutative and Associative Operators in Cryptographic Protocol Analysis.- A Lightweight Formal Analysis of a Multicast Key Management Scheme.- Formal Security Policy Verification of Distributed Component-Structured Software.- Towards Testing SDL Specifications: Models and Fault Coverage for Concurrent Timers.- Concerning the Ordering of Adaptive Test Sequences.- Correct Passive Testing Algorithms and Complete Fault Coverage.- QoS Functional Testing for Multi-media Systems.- Towards Testing Stochastic Timed Systems.- Formal Design of Interactive Multimedia Documents.- Progressive Solutions to a Parallel Automata Equation.- Type Abstraction in Formal Protocol Specifications with Container Types.- Decomposing Service Definition in Predicate/Transition-Nets for Designing Distributed Systems.- Towards an Efficient Performance Evaluation of Communication Systems Described by Message Sequence Charts.


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