Foreign Intelligence and Information in Elizabethan England: Volume 25: Two English Treatises on the State of France, 1580 1584

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This volume assembles hitherto unpublished English writings in French on France, and especially its nobility, during the 1580s, a key period for understanding the final crisis of the War of Religion. They contain information on the political dispositions of the leading royal officials and on the lineage 'alliances' and the properties of a vast number of French noblemen in the provinces. Robert Cecil, son of Elizabeth's minister Burghley, was certainly involved in their composition, which seems to have been written by those involved in English missions to France in the early 1580s.


Introduction; Traite des princes, conseillers et autres ministres de l'estat de France Part I, Traite Part II, Notes to Part I, Notes to Part II, Richard Cook's Description de tous les provinces de France; Appendices; Index.


"Potter's book will no doubt be of interest to political and diplomatic historians of England, particularly those interested in questions of foreign policy, French affairs, and the English embassy in Paris... many historians of France will also find the treatises, its related documents, and the annotations of Potter's to be useful, especially those working on the French nobility, clientage networks, and the provincial power structures in the sixteenth century." - H-Albion, Edward Shannon Tenace, Department of History, Lyon College
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