Fluid Dynamics in Physics, Engineering and Environmental Applications

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The book contains invited lectures and selected contributions presented at the Enzo Levi and XVII Annual Meeting of the Fluid Dynamic Division of the Mexican Physical Society in 2011. It is aimed to fourth year undergraduate and graduate students, and scientists in the field of physics, engineering and chemistry that have interest in Fluid Dynamics from the experimental and theoretical point of view. The invited lectures are introductory and avoid the use of complicate mathematics.  The other selected contributions are also adequate to fourth year undergraduate and graduate students.  The Fluid Dynamics applications include multiphase flow, convection, diffusion, heat transfer, rheology, granular material, viscous flow, porous media flow, geophysics and astrophysics. The material contained in the book includes recent advances in experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics and is adequate for both teaching and research.


Applied fluid mechanics in the environment, technology and health.- Waves and Instabilities in Rotating and Stratified flows.- The Sloshing-Induced Motion of Free Containers.- Experimental investigation of the North Brazil Current Rings during their interaction with the Lesser Antilles.- Physical Processes of Interstellar Turbulence.- Assessing significant phenomena in 1D linear perturbation multiphase flows.- Critical and Granular Casimir Forces; a Methodological Convergence from Nano to Macroscopic Scales.- High speed shadowgraphy for the study of liquid drops.- Formation of coherent structures in a class of realistic 3D unsteady flows.- Jets in symbiotic stars: the R Aqr case.- Granular hydrodynamics.- Efficient Neighborhood Search in SPH.- On the film thickness between a bubble and the wall in liquids in vertical Tubes.- Mathematical model for "Bubble Gas-Stratified Oil" flow in horizontal pipes.
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