Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

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November 1999



Flow cytometric analysis of molecular, biochemical, genetic and developmental parameters using cellular fluorescence techniques as well as fluorescence-activated (FACS) or magnetic (MACS) cell sorting technologies provide unique options for molecular and cellular biology.In recent years, these technologies have been considerably advanced. In this second edition, all chapters have been updated according to the recent improvements and modifications. Further, new protocols have been added, such as on magnetic selection, magnetofluorescent liposomes, the cytometry of secreted products and microbead assays, as well as reporter gene assays for cytometry and cell selection. The recent technical developments allow diagnostic differentiation of cells according to specific gene expression, identification of rare disease-associated cells and isolation of well-defined cells at high purity for cell therapies.


Preface - Leonard A. Herzenberg; Part I Flow Cytometry: Operation of a Flow Cytometer - Christoph Göttlinger, Birgit Mechtold and Andreas Radbruch; Part II Immunofluorescence: 2 Conjugation of Fluorochromes, Haptens, and Phycobiliproteins to Antibodies - Werner Müller; 3 Immunofluorescence: Basic Considerations - Andreas Radbruch; 4 Multicolor Immunofluorescence Analysis - Chia-Huei Chen, Kerstin Willmann, Dieter Recktenwald; 5 Combined Intracellular and Surface Staining: Immunofluorescence of Cytokines in T Cells - Mario Assenmacher; 6 Cytometry and Sorting of Live Cells According to Their Secreted Products - Rudolf A. MANZ; 7 Cytometry of Rare Surface Molecules by Magnetofluorescent Liposomes - Alexander Scheffold; 8 Scatchard Analysis by Flow Cytometry - Robert F. Murphy; 9 Microbead Assay for Quantification of Neuronal Adhesion Molecule Interaction by Flow Cytometry - Attila Trnok, Ursel Nöhrenberg, Hans-Jürgen Vollmer, Stephan Schuhmacher; Part III DNA and Proliferation: 10 Preparation and Staining of Fixed Cells for High-Resolution DNA Analysis - Friedrich J. Otto; 11 Simultaneous Flow Cytometric Detection of Bromodeoxyuridine Incorporation and Cell Surface Marker Expression - Werner Müller; 12 High-Resolution Cell Cycle Analysis: The Flow Cytometric Bromodeoxyuridine-Hoechst Quenching Technique - Manfred Kubbies; Part IV Cellular Activation and Biochemistry: 13 Cell Activation: Indo-1 Ratiometric Analysis of Intracellular Ionized Calcium- Manfred Kubbies; 14 Detection and Purification of Rare Responders by Fixed-Time Flow Cytometry - Attila Tarnok and Henning Ulrich; 15 Biochemical Parameters of Cell Function - Gregor Rothe and Günther Valet; 16 The FACS-Gal Assay - Steffen Jung; 17 Ligand Acidification by Nonadherent Cells - Robert F. Murphy; Part V Cell Sorting: 18 Powerful Preselection - Charlotte Esser; 19 Magnetic Selection of Transfected Cells - Gregor Siebenkotten and Ute Behrens-Jung; 20 High Gradient Magnetic Cell Sorting - Stefan Miltenyi andJürgen Schmitz; 21 Setup of a Flow Sorter - Christoph Göttlinger, Birgit Mechtold, Klaus Meyer and Andreas Radbruch; 22 Sorting of Rare Cells - Walter Weichel, Sigrid Irlenbusch, Kimitaka Kato and Andreas Radbruch; 23 Fluorescence-Activated Chromosome Sorting - Judith A. Fantes and Daryll K. Green; 24 Analysis and Sorting of Plant Chromosomes by Flow Cytometry - Jacky Veuskens, Dominque Marie, Steph Hinnisdaels, Spencer C. Brown; 25 Large Particle Sorting - David W. Galbraith and Sergio Lucretti; Part VI Saftey: 26 Biological and Laser Safety - Klaus L. Meyer; Appendices: Glossary; Suppliers; Cytometry on the Internet


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