Finite Fields and Applications: Proceedings of the Third International Conference, Glasgow, July 1995

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These proceedings give a state-of-the-art account of the area of finite fields and their applications.


1. Factorizations over finite fields Abhyankar; 2. Class number in totally imaginary extensions Aubry; 3. Automorphism groups and permutation groups Berger; 4. A construction of bent functions Carlet; 5. Monodromy groups of classical families Cohen and Matthews; 6. Wan's bound Cusick and Muller; 7. Factorization; 8. Algorithms Fleischmann and Roelse; 9. Minimal polynomials for certain Gauss periods Gurak; 10. Completely free elements Hachenberger; 11. Exponential sums over Galois rings Helleseth et al.; 12. Mutually orthogonal Latin squares Jungnickel; 13. Examples of small hybrid sums Lahtonen; 14. Cellular automata Lange; 15. A new class of two weight code Langevin et al; 16. Construction of digital (t,m,s)-nets Lawrence et al; 17. A family of exceptional polynomials Lenstra and Zieve; 18. Estimates of character sums Li; 19. Carmichael-Carlitz polynomials Mauduit; 20. Open problems and conjectures Mullen and Shparlinski; 21. Quasirandom points Niederreiter and Xing; 22. Character sets to decode cyclic codes Rong and Helleseth; 23. Approximate constructions in finite fields Shparlinski; 24. Periodicity properties of linear recurrences Somer; 25. Factoring cyclotomic polynomials Stein; 26. Character sums and coding theory Stepanov; 27. L-functions of algebraic varieties Wan; 28. Generalizations of R'edei functions Young.


'... a state-of-the-art account of the area of finite fields and their applications.' L'Enseignement Mathematique
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