Financial Strategy

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Significantly revised and updated, this second edition of Financial Strategy is vital reading not only for MBA and advanced undergraduate students of Financial Strategy and Financial Management, but also for finance professionals.
The majority of articles and case studies in this edition are new and reflect recent developments in financial strategy, which have added value to organisations and improved their performance.
Combining both finance and accounting articles and covering the public and private sectors, the book addresses issues relevant to UK and US listed companies as well as an international audience.
Key themes addressed are:
* Trends in finance theory
* Adding value through investment, financing and risk management
* Measuring performance
* Corporate governance
Financial Strategy, Second Edition is a course reader for the Open University Business School MBA courses Financial Strategy (B821) and Issues in International Finance and Management (B854).


Introduction Section 1 - Trends in Finance Theory Section 2 - Adding Value Through Investment Section 3 - Adding Value Through Financing Section 4 - Adding Value Through Risk Management Section 5 - Measuring Performance Section 6 - Who Should Benefit? (Includes a section on Islamic Banking) Index


Janette Rutterford is Professor of Financial Management at the Open University Business School.Martin Upton is a Lecturer in Finance at the Open University Business School and was formerly Treasurer of the Nationwide Building Society.Devendra Kodwani is a Lecturer in Finance at the Open University Business School.
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