Fibre Science and Technology

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August 1995



Fibre Science and Technology is one of six titles in a coherent and definitive series of volumes dedicated to advanced composite materials research, development and usage in the former Soviet Union. Much of the information presented has been classified until recently. Thus each volume provides a unique insight into hitherto unknown research and development data. This volume deals with the basic components of a composite material, namely the reinforcement and the encasing matrix material. Beginning with a specification of a range of reinforcing fibres (glass, carbon, organic, inorganic, ceramic), the book then considers in detail the development of such fibres and the significant range of properties achieved. An extensive test methodology used to evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of each type of fibre matrix combination is presented, and the production method employed for each constituent part is described. This book will be of interest to anyone involved in research or development in composite materials science and technology, both in industry and universities.


Introduction. Glass fibres. Carbon fibres. Organic fibres as fillers of composite materials. Inorganic filaments on a substrate: boron and silicon carbide fibres. Inorganic silicon carbide. Tyranno and silicon nitride fibres without substrate. Ceramic fibres. Methods of testing fibres and reinforced plastics. Index.
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