Fibre Metal Laminates: An Introduction

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September 2001



Fibre metal laminates were developed at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, from the beginning of the 1980s. This is a new family of hybrid materials consisting of thin metal layers bonded together by fibres embedded in an adhesive. As a result of this build-up, fibre metal laminates possess a mixture of the characteristics of both metals and composite materials. Initial development led to the `Arall' variant using aramid fibres, which was first applied on the C-17 military transport aircraft around 1990. Large-scale application became possible with a variant using glass fibres, dubbed `Glare', which was selected for the Airbus A380 super jumbo in 2001. This is the first book to discuss these new materials and it deals mostly with Glare. It covers most of the relevant aspects of the materials, from static mechanical properties, fatigue and impact to design, production and maintenance of aircraft structures. This book contains the basic information on these new materials necessary for engineers and aircraft operators alike.


Preface. A: Material Properties. 1. Historical overview. 2. Glare features. 3. Next Generation Fibre Metal Laminates. 4. Long-term behaviour. 5. Material design allowables and qualification. 6. New aluminium alloys for Glare. B: Methods. 7. Stress-strain curve. 8. Shear yield strength. 9. Blunt notch strength. 10. Stability. 11. Fatigue. 12. Fatigue of riveted joints. 13. Residual strength. 14. Damage tolerance aspects. C: Design Aspects. 15. Fuselage barrel design and design for manufacturing. 16. Cut-outs; door surrounding. 17. Detailed design concepts. 18. Numerical modelling: delamination buckling. 19. Glare - from invention to innovation. 20. Secondary applications. D: Production. 21. Machineability. 22. Formability. 23. Curved panels. 24. Quality control. E: Safety, Maintenance and Inspection. 25. Inspection and maintenance. 26. Burn-through and lightning strike. 27. Impact properties. 28. Corrosion. 29. Riveted repairs. 30. Bonded repair patches. 31. Bonded repairs for C-5A fuselage crown cracking. 32. Eddy Current inspection. 33. Glare as part of Sustainable and Environmentally Sound Engineering. Authors and Affiliations. Sponsors.


`Engineers wanting to learn about this material, whether from a design/analysis or manufacturing viewpoint, won't find a better reference than Fibre Metal Laminates: An Introduction.'
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