Feminist Readings of Early Modern Culture: Emerging Subjects

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Februar 2006



The impact on women of the new developments of the Renaissance, and links with postmodernist femininity.


1. Introduction Valerie Traub, M. Lindsay Kaplan, Dympna Callaghan; 2. Making it new: humanism, colonialism, and the gendered body in early modern culture Denise Albanese; 3. Gendering mortality in early modern anatomies Valerie Traub; 4. Wound man: Coriolanus, gender and the theatrical construction of interiority Cynthia Marshall; 5. 'The world I have made': Margaret Cavendish, feminism, and the Blazing-World Rosemary Kegl; 6. Reading, writing, and other crimes Frances E. Dolan; 7. Culinary spaces, colonial spaces: the gendering of sugar in the seventeenth century Kim F. Hall; 8. Caliban versus Miranda: race and gender conflicts in post-colonial re-writings of The Tempest Jyotsna G. Singh; 9. Rape, repetition, and the politics of closure in A Midsummer Night's Dream Laura Levine; 10. Subjection and subjectivity: Jewish law and female autonomy in Reformation English marriage M. Lindsay Kaplan; 'Where there can be no cause of affection': redefining virgins, their desires, and their pleasures in John Lyly's Gallathea Theodora A. Jankowski; The terms of gender: 'gay' and feminist Edward II Dympna Callaghan.


"This current collection proves that feminism continues to play a defining role both in interpretations of early modern culture and in the state of theory." Ann C. Christensen, Shakespeare Quarterly
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