Fas Signaling

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April 2006



Fas Signaling is focused on the signaling mechanisms and biology of the prototypic death receptor Fas, also called CD95 or APO-1. The chapters of this book cover, besides the well recognized apoptosis-related functions of Fas, its emerging role as a proinflammatory cytokine and as an inducer of alternative forms of cell death. Fas Signaling aims to provide the reader with an up-to-date survey of the various aspects of Fas biology and the open questions of the field are addressed. This title is intended for Ph.D and post-doctoral students starting to work in the field, but is also useful for everyone with an interest in the biology of this exciting molecule.


FasL and Fas.- FasL-Independent Activation of Fas.- Role of Ceramide in CD95 Signaling.- Regulation of Fas Signaling by FLIP Proteins.- Fas-Induced Necrosis.- Fas-More Than an Apoptosis Inducer.- Retrograde Fas Ligand Signaling.- FasL and Fas in Liver Homeostasis and Hepatic Injuries.- Fas-Activation, Development and Homeostasis of T Cells.- The FasL-Fas System in Disease and Therapy.- Tools for Activation and Neutralization of Fas Signaling.
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