Facility Siting: Risk, Power and Identity in Land Use Planning

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Introduction * The Importance of Context in Siting Controversies: The Case of High-level Nuclear Waste in the US * Where Does It Go? Siting Methods and Social Representations of Radioactive Waste in France * Institutional Thinking in Siting Conflicts: The Case of stripa Mine * Siting Conflicts in Renewable Energy Projects: Biogas Case Study * The Smell of Money: Minor Risks and Olfactory Sensibilities (Anatomy of a Protest) * Living with Technological Risk: Industrial Encroachment on Sense of Place * Visualizing Place and Belonging: Landscape Refined in a Swedish Farming Community * Shifting Risks: Hoover Dam Impacts on American Indian Sacred Landscapes * The Invention of a Minority: A Case from the Aragonese Pyrenees * Schismogenesis in a Swedish Case of Rail Track Planning * When Complexity Becomes a Problem: 'Law' and 'Fairness' on Separate Tracks in Sweden * Notes * References * Index


i? sa Boholm is Professor of Social Anthropology at the School of Public Administration, Goteborg University, Sweden. Ragner Li? fstedt is Professor of Risk Management at King's Centre for Risk Management, King's College London, and editor of the Risk, Society and Policy Series.
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