Exploring Exercise Science

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Exploring Exercise Science is written from a practical standpoint. It blends scientific elements such as metabolic responses to exercise or the amount of force needed to generate an overhand throw with professionalissues such as legal liability and employment opportunities. Each chapter is written by a leading expertin the field. Most books only present an overview, but Exploring Exercise Science integrates these concepts with practical information concerning types of employment possibilities and the certifications required to work in a specific area.

The distinct approach of this textbook bridges the gap between subject material and how that information is used in the workplace. Students interested in employmentin specific areas of exercise science have the opportunityto truly understand what is required in pursuit of their long-term goals.


Exploring Exercise Science Part 1: Introduction Chapter 1: Introduction to Exercise Science Part 2: Exploring the Physiologic Chapter 2: Exercise Physiology Chapter 3: Nutrition for Sports and Exercise Part 3: Exploring the Behavioral Chapter 4: Exercise and Sport psychology Chapter 5: Motor Learning and Motor Control Part 4: Exploring the Biomechanical Chapter 6: Biomechanics Part 5: Exploring Sports Medicine Chapter 7: Athletic Training Part 6: Exploring Social Science Chapter 8: Sociology of Physical Activity Chapter 9: History of Exercise and Sport Part 7: Exploring the Context and Future of Exercise Science Chapter 10: Current Societal Health Trends Chapter 11: Physical Activity Epidemiology Chapter 12: Laws That Affect Exercise Science Chapter 13: Ethical Considerations in Exercise Science Chapter 14: The Future of Exercise Science: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Research and Applied Intervention Strategies

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