Explanation and Linguistic Change

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Januar 1986



Answers three questions in particular: is language change predictable, what is the role of variation, and what is the relation between a theory of grammar and a theory of change? Lass defends a teleological view of change, Bossuyt, Plank and Samuels argue for functional motivation.


1. Preface, pv; 2. Introduction (by Eaton, Roger), p1; 3. The Language lifegame: Prediction, Explanation and linguistic change (by Aitchison, Jean), p11; 4. Headless relatives in the history of Dutch (by Bossuyt, Alain), p33; 5. Modern Dutch could be middle Dutcher than you think (and vica versa) (by Weerman, Fred), p55; 6. A brief reply to Mr. Weerman (by Bossuyt, Alain), p77; 7. A 'case' for the Old English impersonal (by Fischer, Olga), p79; 8. Requisites for reinterpretation (by Koefoed, Geert), p121; 9. Language, speakers, history and drift (by Lass, Roger), p151; 10. Number neutralization in old English: failure of functionalism? (by Plank, Frans), p177; 11. The status of the functional approach (by Samuels, M.L.), p239; 12. On sh*tting the door in modern English: A reply to Professor Samuels (by Lass, Roger), p251; 13. A brief rejoinder to Professor Lass (by Samuels, M.L.), p257; 14. 'Explanation' by Linguistic maps (by Stroop, Jan), p259; 15. Old English dialects: What's to explain; what's an explanation? (by Toon, Thomas E.), p275; 16. Subject index, p295
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