Existentialist Literature and Aesthetics

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Existentialist Literature and Aesthetics
Most of Sartre's extensive works of and about literature-his fiction, his drama, his never-produced film script on Freud, and his extensive biographical studies of Genet and Flaubert-as well as theoretical questions about these genres and their relationship to philosophy, are here subjected to critical scrutiny by leading experts from both literature and philosophy. The essays illuminate Sartrean existentialism's contribution to bridging the gap between the two disciplines as well as that between existentialism and other recent approaches to literary criticism.


William L. McBride Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University, is co-founder of the North American Sartre Society, and the first chairperson of its executive board. His most recent publications include Social and Political Philosophy and Sartre's Political Theory. He was recently named Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques by the French Government, and has served as Chairperson of the Committee on International Cooperation of the American Philosophical Association and as President of the Societe Americaine de Philosophie de Langue Francaise.
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