Excimer Laser Technology

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April 2005



A timely and comprehensive survey, Excimer Laser Technology reports on the current status and range of the underlying technology, applications and devices of this commonly used laser source, as well as the future of new technologies, such as F2 laser technology.


Introductory Remarks.
Some Fundamentals of Laser Physics.
Principles of Excimer Lasers.
Design and Technology of Excimer Lasers.
High-Repetition-Rate and High-Power Lasers.
High-Energy Lasers.
Excimer Lasers for Microlithography.
Laser Beam Characterization.
Optical Coatings for Excimer Laser Applications.
Small Structures with Large Excimer Lasers.
Historical Review of Excimer Laser Development.
Via Drilling.
Micro-Processing of Borosilicate Glass and Polymers.
F2-Laser Microfabrication for Photonics and Biophotonics.
Nano-Structuring with Femtosecond Excimer Laser Pulses.
Physical Aspects of Ultra-Fast UV Laser Transfer.
TFT Annealing.
Fiber Bragg Gratings.
Activation and Metallization of Dielectrics.
Excimer-Laser Assisted Deposition of Carbon and Boron Nitride-Based High-Temperature Superconducting Films.
Combustion Analysis.
Medical Applications of Excimer Lasers.
High-Intensity Applications of Excimer Lasers.
High-Repetition-Rate Applications of Excimer Lasers.
New Frontiers: Extreme-Ultraviolet (EUV) Technology at 13.5 nm.
Trends in Worldwide Excimer Laser Sales.



From the reviews:
"This book is one of the few books devoted to excimer lasers and their applications. ... anyone working in the field of lasers or materials processing can take advantage of it. The editor has done the effort to include a list of abbreviations and also an alphabetic register, which enhances the usefulness of the book. The quality of printing and layout is perfect." (Erik Stijns, Physicalia, Vol. 28 (4-6), 2006)
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