Events and Grammar

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In recent years, the study of events and their role as implicit arguments of predicates has been at the center of much important work in semantics and the syntax/semantics interface. This volume brings together fourteen original studies by leading scholars in semantics and the syntax/semantics interface, covering a broad spectrum of research into the role of events in grammar. The papers extensively address the following topics, among others: event arguments and thematic argument structure; the role of events in verbal aspectual distinctions; events and the distinction between stage and individual level predicates; the role of events in the analysis of plurality and scope relations, the mass/count distinction, and propositional attitudes.


1. Introduction; S. Rothstein. 2. Generalizing Tense Semantics for Future Contexts; D. Abusch. 3. Thematic Roles and the Individuation of Events; G. Carlson. 4. Plurality of Mass Nouns and the Notion of `Semantic Parameter'; G. Chierchia. 5. Progressives, States and Backgrounding; S. Glasbey. 6. An Overt Syntactic Marker for Genericity in Hebrew; Y. Greenberg. 7. On Generic and Existential Bare Plurals and the Classification of Predicates; K.E. Kiss. 8. Scope or Pseudoscope? Are there Wide-Scope Indefinites? A. Kratzer. 9. The Origins of Telicity; M. Krifka. 10. Plurals and Maximalization; F. Landman. 11. Events in the Semantics of Collectivizing Adverbials; P. Lasersohn. 12. Stativity and Theticity; L. McNally. 13. Cognate Objects as Reflections of Davidsonian Event Arguments; A. Mittwoch. 14. Subject-Oriented Adverbs are Thematically Dependent; A.Z. Wyner. 15. Aspect Shift; S. Zucchi. Index.
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