Evaluation and Treatment of the Infertile Male

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This volume provides a comprehensive account of the evaluation and treatment of the infertile male. It is suitable for all physicians who encounter this common medical problem. Despite the prevalance of male infertility as a common underlying cause of infertility, its evaluation and treatment remains a difficult and misunderstood area for many doctors - a problem this volume aims to overcome. It includes chapters which review the full range of modern techniques now available for analysing semen and identifying the underlying cause of infertility, and then goes on to consider the various treatment options. The volume also discusses endocrine assessment and treatment, psychological aspects of male infertility, and includes a chapter on female infertility. This will be a valuable source of reference for general practitioners and physicians, urologists and gynaecologists.


Preface G. M. Centola and K. Ginsburg; 1. Andrology G. M. Centola; 2. Sperm-egg interaction D. P. Wolf; 3. Conventional semen analysis G. M. Centola; 4. Computer-aided sperm analysis: a critical review R. O. Davis and D. F. Katz; 5. Antisperm antibodies - diagnosis and treatment R. A. Bronson; 6. The sperm penetration assay B. J. Rogers; 7. Intrauterine insemination for male factor infertility W. D. Schlaff and C. A. Awoniyi; 8. Processing human semen for insemination - comparison of methods W. Byrd; 9. New assays for evaluating sperm function L. J. Burkman; 10. Assisted reproductive technology for male factor infertility W. R. Phipps; 11. Microinjection techniques for male infertility C. C. Coddington and S. Oehninger; 12. Therapeutic donor insemination: screening, indications and technique K. A. Ginsburg and V. Montgomery-Rice; 13. Endocrine assessment and hormone treatment of the infertile male R. Z. Sokol; 14. The urologic evaluation of the infertile male J. Fourcroy; 15. Azoospermia: the diagnosis and treatment H. M. Nagler; 16. White blood cells in semen and their impact on fertility D. J. Anderson and J. A. Politch; 17. Psychological aspects of male infertility; lifting the shroud B. J. Berg and S. G. Mikesell; 18. Evaluation of the female partner K. A. Ginsburg and K. E. Klinger; Index.


'This book is clearly written, with excellent tables to enable the physician to approach a clinical problem in logical fashion ... a useful reference book for the library as specific problem cases arise.' Dr Geoff Hackett, Trends in Urology, Gynaecology and Sexual Health
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